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  1. thanks what sizes would i be best to get ? thinking 30 or 40mm, 15mm and maybe a 9mm?
  2. not sure what the proper term is but..... i need some of the small screws that hold the eyepieces in place on the telescope. think they are m3, but not sure. any help would be appreciated
  3. to be fair, given a half decent sky the optus performs quite well (and it was a gift anyway). gives a decent image (for a 76mm anyway) of the ring nebula. one of my friends has just (last night) given me a 114mm 'scope on the condition that i let another budding astronomer with no 'scope have the one i'm using. trouble is this will leave me with only the 25mm eyepiece and the barlow. better than nothing, but will still need a bit of investment.
  4. looking to replace my rather dodgy eyepieces ! don't have a huge amount of cash to spend (say £50-60 tops) and want to get the best value i can. heard that plossl & super plossl are good, but is there anything else i should consider ? also, what ones should i go for ? got a 25mm super plossl and a 2x barlow, but prefer not to use the barlow much as i only have a small 'scope. thanks for your help
  5. many thanks can't wait for another go. all i (we) need now are some clear skies !
  6. thanks i really struggle with focus as there is a lot of turbulence here (middle of town). have to tweak, wait for a calm bit, tweak, wait, etc..... where in registax can i set the quality levels ? (looked, but probably right in front of me!) also, are there any settings in registax that i should use to improve my images ? can't wait for another clear night to have another go !
  7. took these photo's a few days ago and could really use some tips on improving them. 2 min video's taken using phillips spc900 webcam and sharpcap software (yuy2 @ 30fps). got about 15 good frames (lots of turbulence). 4" meade newtonian on a eq2(?) mount. the only "editing" i have done is to sharpen the images in registax 5.1 and drop the luminance a bit. all comments gratefully received (but please be constructive as i am really new to imaging!) [edit] forgot to mention that i let the 'scope and camera cool for approx 90 mins prior to imaging [/edit] Moon 30_04_2012 20_49_35.tif Moon 30_04_2012 20_54_22.tif Moon 30_04_2012 20_59_45.tif
  8. took these images of the moon this evening. not done any image processing other than a bit of sharpening in registax. any tips on what i should do to improve the images ? thanks Moon 30_04_2012 20_49_35.tif Moon 30_04_2012 20_54_22.tif Moon 30_04_2012 20_59_45.tif
  9. having read a number of other threads / posts, i assume a guide scope is .... any scope fitted with a camera linked to the mount i have got an old refractor at home (one of those rather nasty national geographic .925" ones!) could i use that as a guide scope ? or will i need to spend a few £££ ? thanks
  10. put a link to this on astronomy-wise on facebook. hope the kit is recovered intact soon.
  11. thanks guess i'll break out my flexible friend again
  12. thanks for the replies would it be worth waiting and saving up some more cash and then go for a HEQ5 Pro Synscan or NEQ6 Pro Synscan? considering that i hope to use the mount for a good number of years i'd rather spend the cash once and get something decent rather than buying some other things before i got round to something decent.
  13. hi all i think it is about time i got myself a decent tripod and mount for my telescope (i'll upgrade the OTA later). i'd like to get more involved in imaging but my current mount (eq1 i think) is no where near good enough. so...... what should i look for ? really liked the eq6 until i saw the price tag ! ideally this tripod and mount should last me for a long time so it needs to be durable. ideas please ? currently thinking around the £500 mark, but could save up a bit more if needed. thanks
  14. thanks for the replies guess i better save up for a bit longer and get the 'scope as well as the mount / tripod. i'll build myself a telescope at some point, but if it costs more, that will have to wait a while !
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