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  1. That is so cool, and as others have said, experimenting is good... Well Done...
  2. Turn left at Orion was my first book, along with my Prof Brian Cox stuff, I am able with my small telescope able to find some amazing sights. also, as others have suggested in other posts, if you are looking to pin point stars, the Smart phone apps are excellent! I have Star walk, only basic statistics, but others on SGL use other apps, so would look at those as well Have fun in your quests!
  3. Hi and welcome.. as Capricorn says pick out what is visible and where on the plannisphere, also i used the apps people are suggesting and it's amazing how quickly you get to know the night's sky for orientation.. Good luck..
  4. Very Artistic, and Patient, looks cool!
  5. HI there good shot, thought I could get it this morning, but a fair bit of cloud..
  6. HI wondered if there were any SGL members in the Corby/Kettering area?
  7. Yep Open it now.... You could always get Mrs Black Knight to wrap up the boxes they came in.. so you have something to open on christmas day..... Irene
  8. Yep, that's what i did, in weather not able to see learning the electric guitar!
  9. I absolutely agree, I am a newbie and the wealth of knowledge and help that's on this forum is staggering! no shortage of finding anything out I am sure..
  10. Given I am new to this, I travelled off from Milton Keynes with Bright Sunshine at 3.30pm,... thought brilliant I can have an evening outside, only 15 mins later in Northampton right through to Corby thick fog.. Hey ho I can wait....
  11. Ok. Just individual preferences I guess.... Thanks
  12. Been viewing through a Lucia 700-76 telescope a couple of nights back when it was clear. Was surprised what I could see as a rookey, the moon was spectacular and where I could see only one star with my binoculars and naked eye was seeing a pair, absolutely brilliant. Can't wait to go to some star parties and then see what other seasoned stargazers are using to make a really good purchase for my needs and preferences. Got my Planisphere, so getting acquainted with the constellations I don't know!
  13. Hi as a newcomer, Interested about the Star Parties. I do have camping equipment, but what about equipment for the telescope. I have a two man tent with a small porch bit which is not very big. Do I assign this to equipment and get a bigger tent for myself and partner? Just need some guidance on this... Also, I live in Corby so any SGL members in the area who I can contact?
  14. Hi There Yes I have this feeling once I get started I will get hooked...
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