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  1. I remember listing to another bbc doc with Brian Cox and the interesting takeaway for me was; life has been found everywhere on earth, even in places never touched by sunlight. As such life seems to be as inevitable as nuclear fusion given the right ingredients , sufficient warmth and time. Whether a moon can tick these three boxes is anyone’s guess, time being the most questionable topic. i also firmly believe we will never find anything of consequence relying on rovers. A human on Mars could’ve done all the work of all the rover’s (20 years now?) within a long weekend. Never mind what could simply be found plunging a spade into the Martian surface. So for me, rovers are Penny rich but pound poor. now is the time for astronauts!
  2. Thank you, yes it was great! It’s a 2M, it’s a bit tired, waiting for a bit of holiday to spruce it up. I need to give it a thorough service I think but it still does nice views for a newbie like me.
  3. I use this website, very simple but always been accurate for me: https://skyandtelescope.org/wp-content/plugins/observing-tools/jupiter_moons/jupiter.html Thursday was the very first time I’ve observed a moon shadow on Jupiter and i found it thoroughly invigorating! Very proud of my old Tal showing me it! (This was also the first time polar aligning the mount and using the motor to track which was great but for the best clarity i had to turn the motor off…)
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