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  1. Hi thats a shame I'm away on the 9th hope the evening goes well and you have lots of interest. keep us posted as I would love to meet up with the group at another date. Regards Janine
  2. Hi I'm booked in Thursday to Monday my first Star party looking forwards to meeting you all Janine
  3. Hi is this still on Im local to you. Got any more details? Regards Janine
  4. Hi thanks for all your advice its really helping me put the ideas and kit together. :headbang:Im thinking of putting scope onto the 160 head which can carry 9.9kg (-20 degree +90 frontal tilt -90 degree +30 degree lateral tilt). Believe that movement would handle what I need with OTA ? The head has a 3/8 thread would that fit the scope? Thanks again for all your help. Janine
  5. Sorry with a Manfrotto 160 head attached I have the ball head on its way I was hoping as the tripod is heavy duty I could avoid getting the counter weightshould I get the scope as well? Any thoughts advice? Janine
  6. Hi Im using a Manfrotto Art 058 its a very heavy professional studio tripod you could sit on it and it would be fine. Janine
  7. Hi all knew this was going to cost me money but i have looked at the reviews on the William Optics Megrez 90 APO I think I will get better quality images and better viewing than the Equinox 80 ED. Any thoughts guys? My concern is would it be too big for the Astrotrac? Thanks in advance Janine
  8. Hi guys thanks so much for your advice it comes with polar scope and battery pack just waiting for guy to get back off holiday and its mine. I have also put my mind to the Equinox 80 ed but will look at the Willliams optics. Want to make sure I have a good look around and get experienced folks opinions. Simon 84 thanks for your review re Astrotrac very helpfull in making my decision.
  9. Hi everyone lots of lookers but no replies:confused: would really appreciate someones thoughts and advice please:) thanks Janine
  10. Hi after attending the Beginner Astrophotograpy workshop at Bedford last weekend (it was brilliant)i have on its way a second hand Astrotrac. Dont want to go down the big EQ5/6 investment route at mo want to keep things easy enough to get out side and look at take photos of. Already have a very heavy/solid studio manfrotto tripod from my professional photography days. so plan to use my asrotrac on this use the camera and would also like to get a suitable telescope for attaching camera to and mabe piggy backing. Interested in looking and photographing all celestrial objects but with a particular interest in the galaxies. Realise i will be restricted to the weight Astrotrac can cope with 15kg or 33bs. What would you recommend?
  11. Thank you for all the organisers it was a fantastic day I was made to feel very welcome and have come home with a better understanding of soooooooo much. Great location great food great company. Janine
  12. Thanks Vulcan I will check Stary Night out sounds interesting. Janine
  13. Thanks for all replies. I have Stellarium on the Mac works with no probs. Am going to have a look at the Cart Du Ciel thanks for link James. Janine
  14. Hi guys thank you so much for your prompt and knowledgeable replies. dmahon thanks for the link its in my favourites. So if I was to go for the 80 and wanted to increase the image scale then what would you recommend? I want to keep the quality so prepared to buy a quality lens. Also what other size lens do I need as scope does not come with any? Any recommendations? Thanks Janine
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