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  1. Having a bad experience with one mount tuner I was very wary as to trying another, but I had contemplated mount tuning for about a year and as I still getting good results fom my HEQ5pro about one and two degrees degree. I thought is it possible to get better !! at 75yrs I have no wish to buy another mount ,so after a little research I found RVO newly offering what I want I think a full service and a bearing replacement as required I contacted thier shop and spoke to Adam the sales person I say person because he never sold me anything!! however after a few telephone calls Adam soggest that the mount go to them and be serviced and bearings (high quality) be replaced as needed I hummed and harred about this but finally got the whole mount rebuilt at a cost of £280.00 ponds ( ow that hurts) long pause The mount is very very smooth I am putting this in I have nothing to do with RVO and I submit this as my own observations The mount is very smooth and tsacks at under ONE QUARTER degree using PHD as follows Celestron 80 ed f7.5 Skywatcher 200 f1000 Both were held steady both at hgigh and low This is my first Review thank you for reading
  2. Just a word of warning I bought an ASI 120MC from the site in hong kong ordered it on friday came monday very qiuck but a whopping £73.00 VAT and Import duty to pay before delivery. But still pleased with the camera. but a lot poorer!!
  3. Many thanks for the reply James. Yes quite cleary I believe M31 is about half a degree and Mag 3.5 and Ive had the shutter open for 30 seconds just to see how much was visible and the view was full of stars but no nebula could the cam being B/W affect the imaging I wonder? Also as you have said the galaxy is very diffuse but sureley I should be able to pick out the bright center as a unfocussed star, as to the problem with the imaging software solved by using an older version and setting the data settings at Data one Robert
  4. Hi All Not sure if Im in the right place I have a SPC900modded by Astronomiser for BW LX I have replaced the nose piece with the original lens and put it on a tripod outside I could quite clearly see the constellations and about down to Mag 6 when having the shutter open for 5/10 seconds but when I pointed the cam at M31 Nothing even with the shutter open for 30+seconds also Im using an old laptop with a printer port and at the moment WxCapture Sharp cap I cannot get to work because I cant find the data settings when I try to set up LX mode parallel nothing seems to work so help in this would great.
  5. I have just moved up to the HE5 from the EQ5 and the wieght difference is qiute substantial. so if you have problems with carrying a heavy wieght stick to the lighter HEQ5PRO. IMHO I have found that software and camera (web kind or otherwise) will allways outstrip the mount capabilities, as F lenghs shorten and cameras get more sensitive exposure times reduce so the mount is relegated perhaps to a lesser role in the overall configuration and imaging. I would add in closing, I feel that using less than perfect equipment could and can lead you to learning the the art of long exposure from the ground up as they say and of course it is LOADS of fun and of course you will be frustrated! which is a real part of the fun. Regards Robert
  6. As an ex subscriber to S/N I find thier reviews allways refer to an earlier edition, the same goes for any query that is asked , sometimes going back several months even years so the query is shunted back to the questioner with the reference to the old copy of the magazine, If you do not have the copy reffered to your lost!! also as a subscriber I was Never offered the reductions or special which meant I was paying full price whilst was paying loads less
  7. Hi All The nount is the reintroduced Syntrek HEQ5 PRO and it has the inbuilt polar scope with illumination .. could you guide me to the EQMOD software that I need Many Thanks All Robertt
  8. Hi All does anybody know how to control the brightness of the Polar scope fitted inside the HEQ5Pro mount via EQMOD or even the HC! can you flash the Alt Az Goto mount Hand set to the HEQ5 Skytrak
  9. Hi All silly query Could we have a list on line of the stolen gear and a contact medium that is printable so I could have it at hand. Robert
  10. I have just bought a SW 180Mak and the first chance to use it was the 5/5/2012 it was mounted on a SW EQ5Pro. First light was amazing although Mars was very small about 10Arc seconds I could make out Ice cap and planetary detail at 500x... First time EVER in 50years of looking through a scope. Think back to your fisrt moment
  11. I have the coolair ccd and after a few times fiddling about it works really well. This is not a device for the web cam brigade (Im One) it seems to be the intermediate between the Pro and the Ametuer so you have a little work to do. Best tip experiment but keep the gain average but the gamma low and to start off with put everything on default and work backwards. As for the slowness of the cam check with Opticstar they wil help My laptop handles the Camera without a hitch and its New with 8gig memory with W7 64bit . As with all Atronomy Patience and check
  12. Yes that is the one and to date only a quick glance through has astonished me with just a Philip's web cam in the EP I seem to be getting images that are miles better than the 127 even though the seeing was poor. This Scope has to be one of the best upgrades I have tried to date
  13. Having Researched this scope for over a year I have finally got my hands on one for an incredible low price £400+ so watch this space as I put this scope through the mill. I have a Skywatcher 127Mak and has been pointed out many times that many amateurs when astroimaging never achieve the full limit of there equipment! I have used webcams for well over a year now in all my scopes up to the biggest which was the SW 127 (I Will never sell) and I have pictures that only mount Palomar could get
  14. Avi raw and Avi Stack are really good alternatives and then perhaps use RegiStax, But (there allways a but) nothing beats getting the information use as many varied processes as you wish, but if its not in the pixels you will not see it
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