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  1. I think I may need a little help with my new 200p, to check if it's collomated, I think I have become a little obsessed with collomation, and a little afraid to touch it, but First light with it (seems like ages ago) things seemed to me not to look quite right, ie couldn't get pin point stars. So any help would be appreciated.
  2. If there's a chance I wouldn't mind having a look through a solar scope, Kheldar remind me I owe you a fiver
  3. Hi Helen Thanks for the info don't want to annoy my Neighbours on my first party can you put me down for some please.
  4. Hi all Going back to the red sheet for laptop screens, most if not all Planetarium programs have a facility for night vision is this still to bright ?
  5. Just to put my 2pennysworth in I have a 150 and have just bought a 200p and the difference visually is, WOW!!!
  6. Thanks Daz for all the hard work you've put in. Hi Neighbours
  7. Thanks guys, just come in and wow completly blown away
  8. Hi All Sorry my Fault the weather has turned rubbish, bought a SW200p last week and aquired a HEQ5 yesterday
  9. Yahoo its arrived, ordered monday well done FLO, roll on the Saturday when I will get a HEQ5.
  10. Hi I've bit the bullet and got the plastic out and ordered a 200P off FLO, I've also hopfully got a HEQ5 coming the weekend, its took a long time for me to decide and I thank you for your patience and input. Hopefully get it up and running for SGL7
  11. I bought a similar one frm ALDI a couple of years ago didn't last long.
  12. Hi John I would be interested in the Telrad. Regards Keith
  13. Hi All This will be my first, already packed just in case I forget somthing, Ahh Telescopes.
  14. I got one from Go outdoors it's a butane heater it uses canisters it's £30 but if you sign up for a discount card for a fiver for a years 10% discount it costs £19.99 argos do them cheaper but have never got any
  15. ok I'm ready just bought a heater for the tent, as I had read on here that one will be required, so as I said I'm ready to go
  16. Great work Daz, can't wait, just wish the time would go a little faster.
  17. Yes Thanks Daz this will be my first.
  18. I have also been looking for a refractor for DSO's. I quite like the Altair Astro Starwave 102ED or 110 ED with reducer/flattener, Has anyone got any thoughts on this. (sorry for high jacking your thread)
  19. yep I'm going. Feel a homebrewing session coming on
  20. Yep I'm going, feel a homebrewing session coming on
  21. booked 3 nights Thursday to sunday (i hope Ive done it right) see you all there.
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