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  1. I had the same problem with my HEQ5 pro and eqmod as long as your co-ordinates are correct and you have polar aligned correctly if you tell the mount to slew to a particular object say Jupiter, when it has stopped moving undo the clutches centre the object in the eyepiece lock the clutches park the mount, then try again and you will find that it will goto Jupiter.
  2. I will be there are the bookings open yet? I have looked on the PSP website nothing yet, I would like the same pitch if poss.Pitch 15 rally field EHU
  3. I would check the closed season dates for river's SGL8 is in the closed season. most pools are open all year round but rivers still have a closed season
  4. Many thank's to James and co for a great event, pity about the weather but it was still interesting talking to people, I enjoyed the S@N presentation. thanks also to Spikey for helping me with imaging early sunday morning although the fog kept drifting in. looking forward to SGL8 now
  5. Great pics, I hope to put my kit through it's paces this weekend at PSP, it will be first light for it, so hope the weather clears up. I hope my pics end up half as good as yours I will be well pleased.
  6. thommo10

    I'm in :)

    Booked, thursday to sunday, leave monday, all thanks to daz and the mods for all there hard work in setting this up, in the caravan this time.
  7. All the best on the operation, hope to see a first light (no pun intended) on the new scope.
  8. It was my first this year I really enjoyed it learnt loads, I hope I can get in for next year, the amount of people that want to go it could be sold out in a hour LoL
  9. Apeture fever gets us all at some time or other I have recently changed from a 150 to a 200 and I don't regret it, although I still have the 150, it's still portable enough for me to manage to carry out of the shed and set up, i think anything bigger would be best permanatly mounted in a observertory. but thats my humble opinion.
  10. I will wait and see, have not got much faith in the weather forcasts, the most accurate way is to look out the window LOL
  11. you can use APT free download to set exposure and remote shutter realease if you want the full version you can donate I think it's about £12, I use it with my 1000d but not in anger yet because of the weather but I have tried a few dry runs and it works very well. all you need is a longer usb cable. It is the program I have been told to use by some very experianced Imagers, and it is all set up for the Cannon EOS. Hope this helps
  12. on my 200p I made a large jubilee clip out of a kit, and put draft excluder which is adesive on one side and stuck it to the inside of the clip,
  13. Yep definatly frustrated here, I have had my scope set up in my dining room doing dry runs with my new camera that is still waitng to be used in anger, and going through the software set up, if I didn't I would of forgot how to use it by now
  14. on my finder you turn the objective lens holder, and there is usually a locking ring behind it, hope this helps
  15. I have had mine since january no probs yet took it to SGL7 and those who went know how damp it got at night with the dew it was absolutly soaking but never gave up.
  16. I told you it would turn out ok, well done great image
  17. be sure to mark the dovetail so that you can put it back in the same place so you don't upset the balance
  18. There is a small programe you can download from the EQ-MOD website called EQ DIMMER, I have turned mine down on my HEQ5 it took a while to find it but it is there.
  19. I didn't know Kev but I send my condolences to his family, I know what you are going through having lost my wife last August to Cancer.
  20. Hi James I have pm'd you about going on the waiting list for a caravan with electric hook up sorry for repeating my self but didn't see this thread untill just.
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