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  1. Hi Mark I know its a bit late but is there any chance of getting on the eclipse trip.
  2. thommo10

    SGL 10 Dates

    I've got no chance of getting booked in for sgl10 because I'm at work with very limited internet access in previous years it as always started on a Sunday for that very reason
  3. thommo10

    2015 - SGL 10

    I'll be there all being well
  4. Hi all It all started in the scouts for me, the scout handbook had some information about the constellations, obviously the pole star was the one that we were told we had to learn were it was for navigation, I found my self with a pair of plastic binoculars looking for polaris in my back garden, my dad thought I had gone barmy, a mate of mine had a telescope a small 3inch refractor, I asked him if I could have a look through it, I went round his house one night and was totally blown away by the site I saw, it was Saturn, I could not beleive what my eye's were seeing another world, I have been hooked ever since
  5. Hi Adrian It was so nice to meet you in person, I don't know if you remember me, but I enjoyed your recollections on your experiances in the forces, going in to confined spaces in the dark, it sort of bought me down to earth, to listen to you recount your experiances and what you had to go through, hope to meet you at SGL9.
  6. Marki I was next to the school at PSP 12, they were no problem, in fact I hardly knew they were there.
  7. APT anytime have used both and I find APT well suited to my second hand Cannon off fleabay.
  8. Your very welcome ufo, its the bee's knees for dslr imaging.
  9. I fully endorse FLO, I have purchased 95% of my equipment from them and never had a problem
  10. Thanks guys, for the info, I will use APT, What shutter speed and ISO setting would you recomend for example Jupiter ?
  11. Can you knowledgeable people on SGL tell me which programme to use ie Sharpcap or APT to image planets with a DSLR, please.
  12. I guess you was using PHD, with eqmod and 2 second exposures ?
  13. Hi Rustmonkey Did you use a modded SPC or a standard one, as like you I am about to take my first steps in guiding.
  14. Sorry but I have another question, I have 2 SPC 800 webcams one modded Lx, the other one not, I have been told to use the modded one for guiding but I have also been told to use the unmodded one, I will be using my finder as a guidescope. help!!! Also can you pick any star as a guide star as long as it is close to the object you are imaging.
  15. Thanks Chris that was very informative, I understand now.
  16. How did I miss this, let me know when and where you are meeting up and I will try and make it.
  17. Here is the finished M45 processed in photoshop by spikey
  18. thanks guys, Chris so I dont have set anything up in EQMOD but do i have set anything in PHD for it to communicate to EQMOD Like how many seconds per pulse and so on
  19. I have a SPC modded for long exposure, I am fairly new to dso imaging and I would like to know how to pulse guide with my 9x50 finder (I have the adapters) using EQMOD. Any help would be appreciated Thanks
  20. ok here's mine M45 first time on my own, using my Cannon1000d unmodded, SW200p, on a HEQ5 pro mount, unguided, 60, 30second subs. sky, slight cloud. processed a bit in photoshop (with guidance from Spikey)
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