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    Hi to all

    Hi Makron you will find SGL very helpfull
  2. At the moment I am using a Meade LPI and a old laptop using windows xp as the LPI does'nt work with windows 7 32bit which is on my new Laptop, I have tried all mods and reprograming but it still refuses to work, so I am looking for a new webcam preferably a ccd chip that is easily converted, any suggestions.
  3. I have had a look at various ep's and I thought about the revelation kit I think this set would suit my ETX127 and my f6 newtonion and also a SW200p. am I right?
  4. Thanks for the advice, What would make of ep's would you recommend for 2 ep's at £50 each
  5. As I do a lot of imaging I still use ep that came with it which is a series 4000 28 mm super plossl, I want to do more visual work and I thought a zoom would save me buying a load of eps. budget around £100.
  6. Thaks for the advice stephen what focal length ep would you suggest I was thinking 10mm?
  7. thommo10


    Thanks again for the welcome, Johnh the best sight I ever saw was Saturn with the rings tilted toward Earth through my first scope, the scope was a 2inch refracter which my parents bought me for xmas I was around 11 or 12 at the time and BTW I still have the scope.
  8. BTW how many posts do you have to do tolook at the for sale board?
  9. hi all I think I have decided on the skywatcher 200p to mount on my super polaris mount to complement my ETX 125, just hope I am making the right choice, I was also thinking of getting the skywatcher zoom ep as well.
  10. Thanks Brantuck I'll give them a go.
  11. Thanks olly now I know the mount will take the two scopes I am undecided which one to get taking into consideration I live in Birmingham about 7miles from the city, with walsall on the other side and westbrom about 6 miles away so dark skies are at a premium.
  12. Hi All At the moment I use a ETX 125 for imaging and some visual work, In my shed I have a old 6inch reflector which is well passed its day on a super poloris equatorial mount, no motors. I was thinking of putting either a SW 120 evostar refractor or a SW 200p reflector, any help would be appreciated.
  13. thommo10


    Thanks for the welcome. I am really looking forward to using this site as much as poss,
  14. thommo10


    Hi All just joined, I have been a amateur astronomer on and off for more years than I can remember all right Ill spill the beans about 40 odd years, phew I didn't think it was that long until I just thought about it, The equipment I use are as follows, Meade ETX 125 PE, 150mm reflector.
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