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  1. My finderscope was unstable until I replaced the O-ring with two new ones -there is space. Tight fit, but much easier to set and has proved stable.
  2. I have three bays and they are all in use, but one should be sufficient. There is a a power cable to the centre of the POD, eliminating the need for batteries. Incidentally it is the bays that have the condensation problem, not the POD itself.
  3. I've had a POD for nearly three years. On decking, bolted down. Weatherproof (important in the UK where we have plenty of wind and rain) and robust, but I do have a problem with condensation, partly controlled with a chemical dehumidifier. Wonderfully convenient, esp ecially having a heavy telescope. Great buy!
  4. reminds me of a cuckoo chick in a Robin's nest.
  5. an excellent idea, much along the lines of the instrument your GP uses to look in your ears. I have one hand holding the red LED torch shining into the polarscope and the other doing the adjustments - egad!
  6. beautiful pictures whether aiming up or ahead!
  7. you could try Dewheater for TAL/Meade - homemade (the one I used) or www.dur.ac.uk/paul.clark/TelescopeHeater.pdf, which is slightly more complicated. Good luck!
  8. Excellent welding advice. Was very impressed with what I saw of Olly's previous welding!
  9. I bought the ironing chair and it is not comfortable! Now use a "drummer's" chair bought at Lidls for a very modest sum.
  10. looking forward to the pics as this is a very attractive option.
  11. Had the same problem after about 18months. Wondered why the finderscope didn't "hold". Bought a packet of a selection of rings from Focus and found one that fitted.
  12. Thank y'all for the help and advice. A combo of graduated rim and counting rotations seems to be the answer - now was that three or four turns...
  13. Greetings and apologies if this subject has been aired in the past. The SCT has a very wide focusing range and old gits like me become easily confused when changing from visual to camera, or using the focal reducer. Each of these changes requires several rotations of the focus knob. When changing back, I have no idea where I am. Are there any solutions other than a brain transplant for me? Brian.
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