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  1. I get the same with cars… why do you want a car that can do 145mph when the speed limit is 70?
  2. You can't beat a refractior for pure ease of use.
  3. I tend to use my 8x40's more than my 7x50's.
  4. Hi Rich, Yes, the weather has been rather shocking the last month! There's a nice old classic Carton refractor I;ve recently bought off fleabay in my shed waiting to come out and play. Looking forward to the pics, this scope looks like it may tick all my boxes as old Vixen 102 ED's are effectively unobtanium now.
  5. 51 and where's my holiday on the Moon they were promising me in the talking heads stuff the night of the first moon landing?
  6. I ended up watching it in fast forward mode. Good concept, poorly executed.
  7. Stick with your D200! It will be clicking along long after most Canons have shrugged off their mortal shutter coils - and it's highly cold and weather resistant.
  8. Thanks for that link! The scopes even better than I thought!
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