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  1. I read somewhere here ( or in other similar forum, I don't remember where) that an ES 20mm 100° had fallen from the height of the telescope down and was not damaged. It seems to me that this extra weight means a more robust construction. That's why I am in dilemma. Anyway, I trust you. APM seems better option. Thank you
  2. Hi again I need your advice I have the chance to get a used but in excellent condition ES 20mm 100° at the price of a new APM 20mm 100°. I have read that APM may be slightly better regarding optical performance but I think that ES is better constructed, waterproofed so will be more durable over time... What would you do? A new APM or the used ES ?
  3. So, as you had owned both, do you believe Pentax XW 10mm is a better option for f/5 Dobsonian than ES 12mm 92° ?
  4. What I have read about 12mm 92° is that you observe whole 92° AFOV at a glance instead of ethos or es 100° which you must move your head and eye to capture whole field of view. This must be spectacular. Isn't worth the sacrifice of ergonomics and weight for 32 degrees extra AFOV with the same eye relief ?
  5. Has anyone compared Pentax XW 10mm vs ES 12mm 92° in fast scope ? Which one do you recommend (sharpness, edge correction etc) ?
  6. Can eyelashes-oil damage lens coatings ? And if yes, how long does it take to damage coatings?
  7. Has anyone compared any of these below : Morpheus 4.5mm vs 5mm XW vs 4.5mm Delos Morpheus 6.5mm vs 7mm XW vs 6mm Delos Morpheus 9mm vs 10mm XW vs 10mm Delos How close they are ?
  8. + Much more eye relief and whole field of view at a glance
  9. Also Delos 6mm is a good alternative instead of Ethos 6mm and much more comfortable
  10. Thank you , I found lot reviews but few for fast scopes which mention it is not good at fast scopes...
  11. Hi, Has anyone tried this eyepiece Masuyama 32mm 85° ? How good it is compared to Nagler 31mm and ES 30mm 82° (especially at f/5) ?
  12. Let's hope become available again soon....with normal prices....
  13. I didn't realize that ES has reached so much price. Probably due to the pandemic and because it is one of the few in stock. Most ES is out of stock and overvalued for some reason, approaching TeleVue's prices....
  14. What about Explore Scientific 20mm 100° ? Has it so much difference from Ethos and APM ?
  15. I have morpheus 6.5 and it is excellent. Real window it gives perfect views.
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