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  1. Just gone 15.25 CEST here and there is a real brightening spot on the disk. Looking at the Sun properly, as opposed to how I see it in my scope it would be just below three o'clock on the Eastern side towards the limb? Somewhere around AR 2073. Clouded over now since I started posting, so oh well. Back to the cricket...
  2. That most northern of proms on the Eastern limb has just erupted into a very bright and fine jet extending far from the surface and curves round to the north as it faintly comes to an end. Spell binding...
  3. Those proms on the Western limb, as I look at it, are now expanding out and forming arches. Either side of due West. The upper one is larger than the lower. The eastern limb is looking less 'M' like now, in every way... Love how with Solar, there is always a full days entertainment, always something to see....
  4. As I look at the the Sun there is a little bright eruption, just above 3 o'clock, sharp and pointed, that has been growing and shrinking as I have been observing. You can see the bright active region it's erupting from just on the limb. Below it, from about 3 to about 4.30, there are a series of proms. The first is a short low hedge type that doesn't seem connected to the rest. Then below, a much larger, blocky/ hedge type, much larger... There is a faint wisp connecting it to a prom that I can only describe as a 'M'. That in turn connects down to a further faint prom that is huge an wispy, that seems to loop down again below. All of the last three making another gigantic 'M' At just past 5 and around to the 7 position there are a couple of very faint little proms, with the one at 7 looking disconnected. Moving round to between 9 and 10 and there is a little bubbling activity going on? A series of wispy fine filaments on the surface and a bright series of active regions across the disk. Lovely! As always... Beer time... Kieran
  5. Glorious here, those proms are some of the best I have ever seen. Lovely morning. Highly recommend the Sol, if the mods will forgive me, I work for the brewery...;-) (others beers are available, just not as apt....;-))) Enjoy, those that can... K
  6. Love my zoom, it's my most used eyepiece in my LS60DS, couldn't live without it. Best buy I ever made. Really want to move up to a binoviewer, I think that is the only way to beat it. K
  7. It is spectacular down there all and has been all morning. It's a lovely day so far over here. Have some friends over from London with their two young kids. They all got to see the sun for the first time - "wow!" "It's like it's in 3D", "...that looks like the last piece of a Dandelion before it floats off..." "That one looks like Nelson's Column..." Tried to give them a sense of scale, not sure whether their littles minds were truly blown or whether they were just humouring me...:-) Don't have time to get my camera out unfortunately, hoping it's as good tomorrow but I look forward to seeing your results later. Enjoy! K
  8. Thanks again' specially Alexandra. I wouldn't have got there so easily without your travails last summer. The project for this weekend is focus, upping the fps, understanding Firecapture better and then a bit of tweaking and maybe even colour. My fps last week was very low (about 4 or 5). A task made all the more easier by all the online help. Cheers all. K
  9. Thanks all. Very much a day of learning and playing with software and technology. Really can't say how happy I am that I just managed to get it all to talk to each other. Few glitches along the way but we're getting there. I foresee long evenings watching processing tutorials. Kieran
  10. Shaun, Not sure about the forgiving part... There is something relaxing about just looking. Adding in technology and my technical incompetence and it's a recipe for stress and potential disaster with me. Really happy that I just got it all to work. Need to crack focusing and tuning through the camera now. Then there is all that processing. The guys in the imaging section make it look so easy and produce such wonderful results. Very much looking at this as a summer project. Even managed my first solar sketch (taking up Umbraldot's challenge), nowhere near good enough for publishing but I actually found that quite relaxing too. One thing I really noticed today however is difference temperature makes. The pressure tuner was less stiff and easier to tune but the thermals coming off the city were playing havoc with my eyes. Still, there's a lot still going on up there, some lovely proms, filaments and active regions. Enjoy! Kieran
  11. Totally agree, lovely day so far. Must be said though that I have spent large parts of it staring at a wobbly laptop screen as I try my first attempts at solar imaging... Great fun though and not as frustrating as I thought. Back to observing for the last bit of the day... K
  12. Well I managed to connect the PGR Grasshopper 3 (687) to the LS60DS. Following Alexandra and Colmic's helpful posts on Solarchat it connected no problem in both Flycapture and Firecapture. This is literally just the test run stacked in AS!2. I stacked about 50% of 400 frames. Need to get used to focusing and the whole Gain/Gamma malarky, but I am just pretty pleased that it all works. Thanks to all those that have posted helpful tutorials online as well. Kieran Kieran
  13. One of my favourite apps for iThingys is the Emerald Observatory app. Does much the same, and a bit more, as well as looking pretty. Got it ages ago so can't remember if it costs anything, if it did I don't think it was much. It will give you alt and az for the sun, moon, mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, the moon phase, sunset, sunrise, twilight, etc. all whilst acting as a clock with built in alarm. Plus did I mention that it looks pretty...
  14. Glad the Sun popped out in Groningen, hasn't stopped raining here all day. Looks like it could make a reappearance mid week though. K
  15. Yep, have given up here until at least the middle of next week... Waterproofs on for a few days...
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