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  1. Typical, sold before i got asking about it. Ah well, keep looking
  2. Thanks for your help folks, its much appreciated. Its a minefield of a hobby!!
  3. Thanks everyone for the advice. Ive been looking around for Skywatcher Dobs, but this Meade one popped up local. How would it compare? https://www.gumtree.com/p/hobbies-collectibles/meade-lightbridge-8-telescope-/1193736468 Thanks again
  4. Thanks everyone for the replies. Its much appreiciated. Ronin, that certainly is an interesting point, I would want to be able to see more after upgrading. I will look second hand, but being in Ireland the local market is small, not many folks willing to ship over from the Uk, but i will look anyway. Again, thank you all for the advice.
  5. Sorry, thats me being dopey on the computer. I will look at the 200 thanks.
  6. Folks I was looking at getting a new scope to replace my old TAL-1. I have seen these three but dont know which would be best, or even another. Budget less than £200 http://celestialdelights.info/meade-instruments-216006-polaris-130-eq-reflector-telescope-review/ https://www.amazon.co.uk/Celestron-130EQ-Astromaster-Reflector-Telescope/dp/B0013Z42AK/ref=pd_sim_sbs_421_3?_encoding=UTF8&refRID=7BG29TVCMNMYFHQAF8NQ&th=1 or https://www.firstlightoptics.com/beginner-telescopes/skywatcher-heritage-130p-flextube.html Any advice would be gratefully received. Thanks Gaz
  7. Gaz15

    just joined

    Welcome :wave: , you will get some good advice here :hello1: so dont be afraid to ask
  8. :wave: Hello and Welcome.
  9. Hello and Welcome. :wave: :wave: You are a lucky git getting to work in a obso. Must be a great job. Enjoy the site.
  10. Gaz15

    Hello from Ipswich.

    Welocome to SGL. :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave:
  11. Thanks for all this advice guys. Tony, I bought the scope second hand in the summer, the guy I bought it off handed used it in quite a while so I presume it hadn't been done for some time. As a newbie I didn't know how, and was happy with the image I was getting, mostly the moon, when I took it out. Mars was the first object that I really looked for hence the question. Yesterday I looked at the manual regarding collmination and yes it is off a far bit. Also the primary mirror is very dusty, as is the optical tube and the diagonal mirror has a fingerprint on it. So bravely (or naively) I have removed them, cleaned out the tube, and washed both mirrors. Not a very hard job when I followed a post on here to be honest. Then tried collminating the diagonal mirror and now one of the adjusting screws for it snapped its head, so I have a post in the Wanted section to see if anybody knows where I can buy one, or packet, of these. Hopefully this is possible, must check the bay now, and the images will be much better.... .. couldn't really be any worse. But to everyone that gave me some advice on this, again thank you you have give me some encouragement.
  12. I am somewhat of a novice, havent been able to get my scope out much since I bought it. I was out las tnight wit hmy Tal-1 and tried to view Mars. Lined up, 25mm eyepiece, zoomed in to the 10mm, then then added the barlow x3. Thing is my view of mars was like a cream dot about 2mm across the eyepiece. I know that the scope is relatively small, and for look at the moon it can give great detail, looking at Plaides (spelling?) afterwards was incredible, all the others stars around it, breathtaking!, but Mars disappointed! Is this what I should expect from my Tal or is there something I am doing wrong with it? Thanks for letting me rant
  13. Gaz15

    Hi from Loughton

    Welcome and may all your nights be clear.
  14. Gaz15

    another newbie

    Welcome, I too was a newbie and found this site very helpfully. They dont eve mind when you ask the stoopidist questions!
  15. Its always good to get planning approval first!
  16. Very tidy set up, I hope you get the clear skies to enjoy it.......... I aint had any lately
  17. :shock: Heres one for all us Irish gazers. A Meade LXD-75 6incher for £399 at Lidl, in shops now. http://www.lidl.ie/ie/home_ni.nsf/pages/c.o.20071108.p.MeadeReflectorTelescopeLXD75 Pity I aint got some sspare cash, Wunder wud Santa bring me one?
  18. Gaz15


    Enniskillen eh, Im from Ederney myself, if you remember it.... YMCA aint there now more, prepare yourself for a shock........... The tech was flattened about three years ago and new ultra modern one built on the lot, the townhall in the middle of the town, the same and art centre and exhibition hall, the Mart showgrounds (Sedan Av.) now a shopping centre, the Royal Arms hotel, floored and now a shopping promonade.... and finally Sally OBriens at the head of John Street brought to the ground just this week There are probably a lot more changes (especially the bottom of the town ), but I cant think just now but definately a different landscape now than then, but hi thats progress for ya.
  19. Gaz15


    Small world indeed... Blacks furniture shop must be closed now, cant say i've heard of it, but I have only lived here for about 6 years, moved from a small town between here and Enniskillen.
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