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  1. Hello Can anybody give me some good advice on choosing a light pollution filter for my scope. I already have a OIII filter for nebulae so my real question is am I wasting my time. Do they do they same thing. Also can I use both filters at once:icon_scratch:? Thanks Anth
  2. Hi all. 1/ Thanks for all the great advice so far. 2/ I have a Celestron CPC 9.25 and am interested in taking photos and having them appear on my laptop asap. I know that I dont have an EQ mount so my exposure time will be limited severely. What is my best option. I am not expecting much maybe jupiter, orions nebula and andromeda (a globular cluster would be great!). My budget is about £250 but I would apreciate all advice. Many thanks Anth
  3. I understand a little more now. I agrre a diagram would be helpful, or even a java applet! Many thanks guys.
  4. Hello all I was speaking to the guy from FLO today (very helpful) and he was saying that because I have a cpc925:icon_scratch: with F/10 i dont need to buy expensive eyepieces to get a good result asthe light cone thatthe scope recieves is not as acute as a fast scope. Now I can picture this but am a little unsure as how this would make it easier for a low budget eyepiece to givea good view. Any mathematical explanations would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. Just boughta Beader Hyperion 17mm. Views are amazing - especially of Orions Nebula which is, as a complete beghinner, is my 4th interesting object to find :-) I'm finding it an expensive hobby however!. The Hyperion is cheap too £93! Is a monster compared to a plossl too.
  6. Great review. Keep up the spinning one day she will look through the eyepiece.....and go WOW!
  7. I have a pair of Celestron Skymasters 25x70 and they are great, very comfortable. Beware though - get a tripod unless you have super still hands, veiwing a shaky night sky is not a pleasurable experience. anth
  8. Also if you have a smart phone (ie an iphone or similar) there are some great little apps for helping you find your way around the skies. I use pocket universe good luck anth
  9. Hi I have recently just purchased a cpc925 and it is a dream to use, really easy to set up and transport. I havnt done any astrophotography yet because it is a fork mount but you are able to buy a wedge for the cpc which will make AP allowable. I was advised against buying a c 9.25 on a cgem mount for portability and setting up reasons. I can see why now, the cpc 925 although easy to set up is a beast and is probably the limit of my carrying capabilities. If you are thinking of travelling to sites or just popping out into your garden to observe then I think the cpc is the best buy. However if
  10. Well thanks everybody for the advice, noticing that a few people have said that the more expensive the eyepieces you buy the smaller the increments of quality i have decided to opt for a beader hyperion as my first wide view eyepiece (16mm). I have also ordered a filter as I spotted the nebula in orion for the first time on new years eve, I wasnt expecting too much but was extremely pleased to see it. I bought a OIII filter, what differences can I expect to find , has anybody got one of these filters. Also one more question can anybody reccomend a good glow in the dark paint so I can start to
  11. many thanks for the advice guys. Being a complete novice a have downloaded stellarium, which is an excellent tool, to try and learn the night sky. Ive had the telescope for about 6 weeks now and had 5 viewing nights, none of which was I able to get sky align working however I do need to buy a power tank orsomething similar. So i have decided to set my sights on two new objects - M13 and the orion nebula. Having never seen any of these before I am greatly looking forward to it and cannot wait to view them through a quality eyepiece - whichever type I decide to buy. Hope evrybody has had a good
  12. Hi all. I am in the fortunate position of having some spare cash after christmas and I am going to buy a new eyepiece for my cpc925. Am I limited to buying a 16mm nagler because of my 1.25" diagonal or is there an adapter I could buy as I really want the 26mm nagler which only comes in 2" barrel size. Also anybody got any views on these eyepieces, at the moment I only have 2 plossls 40mm and 12mm and a 2x barlow but want something a bit special that makes me go wow. thanks anth
  13. Excellent , thanks for the replies I understand now the - F/R on my cpc925 if F/10 ....so slow. Ok now my final question, what eyepieces are NOT recommended for my slow scope. I was having a look on the F1 Telescopes site at some celestron eyepieces as some were being advertised as being good on fast scopes......not sure why
  14. Hi there as a relative newcomer to this site I was wondering if anybody could tell me the meaning of the term 'fast scope'. I am aware that a short focal length would give a fast scope but why is it called this and why is a fast scope more desireable for AP? Is it something to do with how long it takes the light to travel the length of the scope? Given the speed of light what diference would a longer Fl make? Thanks Anthony
  15. This forum has not let me down, many thanks for the advice. I feel the problem lies within the power supply. After reading the replies and speaking to the very kowledgable guy at F1; only giving the scope 300ma (via a tesco adapter for £5 - supplying 300ma/ph at best) when it requires 7kma - it seems that I should be using a more reliable powew scource. Not having clear skies tonight i will try later with the car cigarette lighter which i'm led to believe suplies the correct ampage (>7amp/h ). Will let you guys/gals kmow. ttfn.
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