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  1. Bill, I use a program called ReplayVideoCapture to record a movie of what LiveView is displaying, here is the link:Replay Video Capture - Record ANY Video Playing on your PC It seems to work fairly well; with it you don't need a camera that records movies, just place the capture frame of ReplayVideoCapture around the LiveView window and hit "record". The reason my image was fuzzy is that I used the focuser knob on my SCT which is a very inaccuarte way of achieving focus. I just bought an electric Crayford focuser that should improve the focus considerably.
  2. Doug, your image appears to be of a quality similar to that of an astronomical webcam. The only difference I see is that the colors are brighter using the webcam. Is there a way to better control the color with the T2i software? Did you use the 7x zoom magnification in live view? Thanks, Peter
  3. I use a Canon 550D DSLR with a specially threaded 2x barlow lens that attaches to my T-ring. I use the "zoom" function to select a 640x480 block of pixels from the total 3456x5184 pixels on my sensor. That effectively magnifies Saturn by 7 times. Then I record the .avi file at 30 frames per second and process through Registax. This is the result:
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