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  1. My own quick and cheeky Veil Nebula Taken with a A WO GT81 IV and ASI294MC Pro with a Optolong L-Extreme.
  2. HI All, My entry is is the Dumbbell nebula - M27 Planetary Nebula extraordinaire Took this using a Celestron C11 XLT with a ASI294MC Pro OSC Camera and a Optolong L-Extreme 7nm dual Ha / Oiii dual narrow band filter. It is made up of 29 300 second subs and calibration frames and the camera was set to unity gain .
  3. Same has happened to me on sooo many occasions. it is 2021 and we have sent spaceships into deep space outside of our own solar system and landed space probes in style on other planets by predicting where the planet will be at a certain time and sending said probes in that direction with 100% success yet we are still unable to know what the weather will be doing in 1 hrs time lol
  4. Thanks Mareman48, Wouldn't that be something? can you imagine how our night sky would look if all of the deep sky objects were bright enough to be seen with the naked eye. Would be trippy!
  5. Thanks for the chance to play with some really nice data My interpretation. Mixed and processed in pixinsight and photoshop Cleaned the backgrounds up using the automatic background extractor. some denoising with the multiscale linear transform tool. these images are pretty clean so didn't do much I stretched each image and then used pixel maths to do a Combination of the SHO and ForaxX Pallets. i made 2 versions SHO and ForaxX Pallet and then used pixelmath to make a 50/50 blend. SCNR on the inverted image to reduce the magenta around the stars. used the EZ scripts for some deconvolution but again this had minimal affect as the data is so good . Used the Ha layer in the luminance channel to make it pop and bring out the detail. used starnet++ to allow me to work on the main image and stars separately, i wanted to try and keep as much of the star colour as i could. and then played with the curves, saturation and hue's to get a look and feel that i was happy with. Photoshop for a bit of tweaking and logo . 2nd and 3rd image are SHO Hubble and ForaxX pallet respectively processed in the same way. Good luck all
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