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  1. Too long a break! I am itching for more clear nights now, got the bug again Must coliimate soon...........(Never done it before lol)
  2. Hi all, Been a long time since I visited the sight, I guess the summer months have been busy for me! Just wanted to share my 5 minutes of clear sky last night! Set up the scope, noticed that Jupiter was out and my mind was blown away - it looked beautiful, so much more so than last year for some reason? Anyway, hopefully I'll be back on here more regularly Cheers, Scott
  3. Thanks for very much for the replies. That book looks wonderful I think I'll make another purchase!! Also, the websites linked are great - its nice to see images of the lunar 100, so when I'm looking I know I have found what I am looking for! Thanks again, Scott
  4. It took my breath away when I saw it 1st time - truely beautiful!!!
  5. Hi all, I was wondering if there is a good book published covering the lunar 100, perhaps with images and descriptions of what I am actually seeing. I found some good websites with images, but I don't really want to take my laptop out when it's so cold and risk dew / water damage. I suppose the other option is to print out images and descriptions from a website and make my own book Thanks, Scott
  6. Congratulations!! Let us know how your 1st light goes
  7. Hi everyone, I was taking advantage of some beautiful clear skies this evening. I was going to get my flask of tea from my table outside and I saw a very big, bright object moving very very rapidly across the sky, in a South to Northish direction. The object seemed to break into 2 then disappear before it got to the horizon!! It was a yellow/orange colour. It all lasted probaby less than 3 seconds. I just wondered if anyone out there with more experience knew what it could be, I guess a big meteor that broke up when entering the atmosphere - I have to say it was a very impressive site!! Actually gave me a bit of a fright, wasn't expecting that on my way to get my tea I checked heavens above and no iridium flares at that time. By the way, I live 15 miles or so South of Aberdeen, maybe someone else was it? Thanks and clear skies!! Scott
  8. That sucks, I hope you get better soon!! To make you feel better, I've had almost 2 weeks of cloud And I have to say, very cool sleeping in the conservatory under the night sky
  9. It's a great scope, you will get many nights of enjoyment from it
  10. Luke you win a prize Cheers everyone, some good info there. Yeah I realise it's not how I'll see things, but yeah, gives me a good idea about eyepiece selection etc Thanks everyone! Scott
  11. Hi All, There was a link posted a while back on here, and for the life of me I can't remember where! It was for a website, which you plug in your telescope and EP details, and it generates an image of what to expect, whether its a planet / messer etc? Anyone know what I am talking about, I would appreciate the link Cheers, Scott
  12. Beautiful pictures. One of my favourite things to look at
  13. Hello and welcome from Scotland! Great picture
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