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    northwales uk ,telescope's fuller 8.5 f/6 skywatcher 100mm apo/canon d500
  1. "Hi there from darkest northwales! the skywatcher is a good telescope on double stars, good on the planets very good on the moon i would recomend the 100mm ed apocromatic refractor:icon_salut:
  2. Hi from wales have you had a look on ebay lots of junk telescopes but there are some good bargains as well go for a good name like skywatcher dobs or Newtonian get more light for your money a 6-8inch reflector the sky will open up all its glory! to you good luck
  3. "well done and dark skies to all! seen into double double other night the old stars in the core like embers orange-red wow, have not seen lyra's ring nebula yet cant wait to track them all down.
  4. "no need to go so far in to north wales !if you are traveling from the city's or large towns, just out side wrexham very dark skies Llangollen horse shoe pass its shut off from all the st light glow !! you will love the skies a star party up in worlds end would be good:headbang:
  5. Hello from northwales on a good night the faintest star down to 14mag orion if you use averted vision without bino's or a telescope see the glow from m42 its the same with m32 good dark skies hope that helps m8:headbang:
  6. "thanks russ im thinking! worm&wheel set ,not sure of the size i need. would i use synchronous motors for both axsis not sure:iamwithstupid:
  7. "can any one help me out with a problem! i have a fullerscope 8.5f/6 with a skywatcher 102mm ed, running piggy back on the fuller mk111 what sort of motor drives do i need so i could have some sot of drive i would love to do long exposure photography. i have a canon d500 with adapter for the skywatcher taken some good pic's of the moon but need some sot of tracking for deep sky:icon_scratch:
  8. hello from northwales were the stars shine all the time!
  9. "very good looks like you have good dark skies!
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