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  1. I did some searching on youtube - found a good vidoe showing some stuff I wasn't doing - will do this tonight, maybe I have a spectacular image and don't even know it yet
  2. steppenwolf - thanks for that - I will give it a try tonight. Any suggestions on why it won't show up as a tiff or jpeg?
  3. Hey guys, I haven't been very active lately but have gotten out a couple of times this year. I'm pretty much a rookie so bare with me please. I'm having a problem processing with MaximDL. I'm shooting with a modified Canon 450D (raw) on a Skywatcher 80ED, on a Celestron CGEM and using a Autoguider. Anyway, once I do my imagining I open them all up in the software, process and stack. Now first off my image is in black and white. So I monkey around with the stretch. I try and convert to colour and I can't seem to get it looking good??!! Now the other problem is, if I save the stacked image either in a tiff, of jpeg the image is blank - can't see a thing. If I save it in a fitts image, I can re-open it in Maxim but nothing else. Any suggestions on how I can get the raw file to be in colour in the first place or how to save the image to tweek in another program? Thanks for you help guys.
  4. That is a sweet birthday present. I was basically testing my new guide setup, with the interest in the lagoon, but did not realize how "close" the Trifid was. Clear skies pending, will definately give that a go.
  5. NIce image, I actually worked on that shot on the 3rd. Good job. NIgel
  6. Thomas, That was taken with the 80ED. The moon was rising when I was taking them. Want to try and get the 200 up an running this weekend and shoot the same target, see what the difference looks like. Nigel
  7. Took 10 x 5min subs (darks and bias), no processing other than stacking and stretching. Guided Canon 450d unmodded Any advise, comments welcome.
  8. After fooling around a bit more, I managed to get this. LagoonTiffresized.tif
  9. I purchased an Orion Magnificant Mini Guide Scope last week after testing one the week before. Just wanted to give my rookie opinion. I love it! I have done 10 minute guiding and it worked like a charm. Actually blew me away (being the first guiding attempts). Few hiccups but overall think this thing is the cat's meow. I've only had it on my SW80ED 600mm FL, next time out might try it on my 200 @1000mm FL. Nigel
  10. Hopefully a quick question. Very much a nube with limited success today. I took 8 x 5 minute pictures last night of the lagoon nebula (before the moon came up). In MaximDL, I calibrated, aligned and stacked these images. Played with the stretch a bit. Now the image on the screen looks quite nice (I believe FITS) but when I go to save as a TIFF it gets washed out, not as vibrant. Also, I know this isn't the greatest but tried to save as a JPEG but the JPEG image is completely white. Any ideas on this? Do I need to do more processing in a photo type software to make it come alive? The files are over 7MB I will resize and post the fits and tiff. Apparently I can't upload the FITS file. Thanks for any advice! Nigel Lagoon resized.tif
  11. Thanks for all the input - Amanda - Haven't uploaded the M13 yet got side tracked
  12. Thanks James, will give it a try the next time.
  13. After looking at some of the other posts today - almost embarrassed to post this one. First time using a webcam, did a bunch of captures using different frame rates. This one was done at 10fps. I assume that using a better webcam things might turn out a bit better. I was using an XBOX Live cam, SW80ED (new this weekend so still figuring it out), 2XBarlow, captured on Sharpcap and processed in Registax. Capture 01_07_2012 10_17_06 PM2.tif Thanks Nigel
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