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  1. Piero. That is an excellent chair. Might have a go at making one over the winter.
  2. £4.80? Exorbitant. Couldn't justify that sort of expenditure. I will wait until I have enough amazon cardboard boxes to pile up and make a suitable seating arrangement
  3. I want one of those watches Tiny Clanger is selling.
  4. Mm, you've got me thinking now, been a day since I ordered something. Hands are shaking. Oh well, Google here we come
  5. That looks decent and I've heard of ALTAIR. So I can use a TAK for the MAK (sorry couldn't resist)
  6. Thanks John, just starting out properly so much appreciated info and advice. Guess the Bresser is an F5?
  7. Thanks John On long delivery by the looks of it.
  8. Yes saw that, but for another £25 can get a new TAK Thanks for the heads up though
  9. 1.25 I know I could get a 2" for the Bresser and use a reducer, but I've got a Celestron MAK127 coming, so a 1.25" would do for both.
  10. Hi all Bought a 2nd hand Bresser AR127 635, and it had the 'package' diagonal with it. Looking to buy a step up at a reasonable price. Suggestions gratefully received. Thanks
  11. Hi all Anyone know what the correct battery number is for the above? Not just going to copy what's in as could have had a different one installed, and it doesn't say in manual. Thanks
  12. I'm getting it on Wednesday. I'll do a daylight setup and first clear night I'll have a look around and report back. Wish me luck, don't like lemons, so won't be buying one (hopefully)
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