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  1. Although we do not know a lot about astronomy, we both have an interest & know enough to help him look at the basics through a scope. On my first post I did say that i have bought a beginners guide to astronomy for our son - but this will be for us too, so that we can learn & help him ourselves. I guess we all have to start somewhere. He is also learning about planets & stars at school. I think if we can all get into astronomy as a family it would be a great hobby! The fact that we are enthusiastic about helping him, rather than leaving him to go it alone also shows we are taking an interest & in fact i think my hubby is as excited about Christmas as our son is. Sunnyb
  2. Again thanks for all of your advice. My son is very interested in looking at the moon, planets & stars. We would only ever allow him to use the scope with our guidance & help. We would like him to be able to see things such at Saturns rings etc through the scope. Again as many people have stated, we are not sure until we buy the scope how much interest it will spark & how long it will hold his attention for, but we don't want to buy a scope where all he will see is blur as this will not interest him at all. Can i ask this difference between a refractor, relector & which produces images the correct way up etc? I know i sound dim, but i need an understanding of this to help with my decision when buying. This is the main thing he's asked for all year & was the first thing he asked for on his letter to Santa, so i don't want to let him down. Can i also say that i cannot seem to find the Brasser 70mm relector for sale online at the moment. Thanks again Sunnyb
  3. Thank you for all your advice. My son is very interested & is always wanting to go outside on a clear night. He knows if it's cloudy he can't see anything. The Skywatcher for the budget seems a reasonable place to start. We'd love to spend more, but it is for him more than us & if he doesn't get a telescope when that's one of the only 2 things he's asked for from Santa, then he'll be gutted. I don't want to shatter a little boys dream - so will shop around on eBay & other websites to find a decent priced Skycatcher telescope. If he really enjoys the telescope & it turns into a more serious hobby then we will reconsider & buy him a better quality one for his birthday next year or the year after. Thanks for everyone's advice so far & for making me feel so welcome to the forum. Sunnyb
  4. Our son will be 5 & a half at Christmas & all he wants from Santa is a telescope & space shuttle toy. I have bought a beginners guide to astronomy book so that we can help discuss what we can see with him. We have a budget of £50 & were wondering would it be better to buy a second hand telescope or can you get a decent telescope for £50 new? We want the best possible, as if we buy a poor quality one he won't be able to see much & might lose interest. This is my first post, but I'm sure there'll be plenty more before & after Christmas. Thanks - Sunnyb
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