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  1. Clear here terrific sight in 15 x 70's - thanks for the heads up
  2. Folks I can only see thre March issue - no 100 Am I looking in the right place Ta
  3. I have the Lego Saturn V I must make a start on
  4. Never seen it before. Just checked some pics I took through the lens last night - ...and there it is!
  5. Had some great views with mine. Rigel fits fine - mines on the right of the finder
  6. Ive got a Skywatcher 250PX and have the same lens as the OP. Works fine,,,,using the 2" adaptor
  7. Our street lights are off all night. Incidentally they starter changing our old concrete ones today fora new style - presumably LED ones. Be a shame to see the old lamps go but should get rid of the orange glare
  8. I'd likw to try Barlow collimation on mine. My Barlow doesnt have a filter thread. Anyone help with naming a cheapy make that has a filter thread I could use.
  9. I use the thicker number plate strips that halfords stock
  10. Going this year - first time. Got tickets for my birthday. Have a B and B nearby. Really looking forward to it
  11. One of my targets as soon as the weather clears
  12. Spent 30yrs as a cop and over the years spent hundreds of nights foot patrolling industrial estates, town centres and residential areas. Generally anything thats likely to do you any harm is tucked up safely in bed and certainly wont be in your back garden or the secluded areas you're likely to frequent. Difficult psychological thing to get over though
  13. Moonwalk with your eyes by Tammy Plotner is an interesting read http://www.amazon.co.uk/Moonwalk-Your-Eyes-Pocket-Astronomers/dp/1441906452
  14. Same here - first for me as well - amazing view - wifey had a look as well - really impressed
  15. To get rid of the adhesive use WD40 or cigarette lighter fluid - comes straight off.
  16. What scope do you have? If the Rigel base will fit and viewer isnt in the way of anything then site it there. Once in position, point the scope at a distant object then using the adjustment knobs on the Rigel until the object youve sighted on is inside the centre circle - job done. I used Halfords double sided number plate tape to fix the base of mine to the tube
  17. Many thanks, I assume this has the bayonet fixing on the other side and I then screw the adaptor I already have into it - thei into the focusser.
  18. Folks, i'd like to hook up my Canon 450D to my Skywatcher 250PXDob. Ive got the adapter that goes into the focusser - what do I need to buy for the camera end. Thanks...Neil
  19. Great buy - had mine for a year or so now - you'll love it
  20. Did mine last night -took an hour or so. The gliders I bought came on self adhesive pads - still screwed to the base but the pads mean I havent had to lift them with washers. Smooth as silk now. There isnt much of the centre boly left protruding through now, so I ve wrapped the threads in PTFE tape to stop the nut unscrewing.
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