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  1. On my EQ5 when i balance i do one axes at a time . If i add anything extra i will re balance to make sure it’s good to go . But when all is properly balanced if you release both axes same time you probably will have slight movement especially if it’s top heavy . Having proper balanced makes it easy on the gears while tracking so binding is either none or minimum . Also makes it easy on the motors however I’m sure you already know that . But it’s always good practice to have a good hold on the scope so that when you do release the axes you don’t have any unexpected swing in either axes. As far as wobble what part is wobbling , the OTA or the mount ? Either way I’d find whats causing the wobble and fix it . IMHO the only wobble acceptable would be from wind or touching .
  2. Sounds like a wonderful time ! I have some Celestron 15x70s’ and i really like the view they give me . Two clusters i always hunt for are M3 and M11 . Did you by chance see those also Or were they down under for you right now ?
  3. Looks really good , nice capture and edit !
  4. Thanks foe sharing the video . I know it can mess up an image but those are somethjng to see .
  5. I’ll have to setup my 15x70 Celestron binocs on a tripod and see if i can spot it . If i can then it’s easy in a scope . I’ve done it in the past and it’s pretty neat to see one . I haven't done Observing jn so long so guess I’ll need to try this weekend .
  6. It’s definitely what i call a wall hanger ! What would be max print out size without degrading the pixels be ? Just curious .
  7. That is a fantastic capture and edit ! Love that WF mosaic !
  8. Excellent capture and edit ! Red is my favorite tho .
  9. Wow that is really awesome ? Would loved to have seen a full image of the Rose .
  10. Been a long time since i looked on mine but if you have original software that came with the camera there is a way i finding out while the camera is attached to the computer . I know there are other softwares on the web that can tell you but not sure what is compatible with a Mac. Try watching some of these videos , maybe one will help : https://www.bing.com/search?q=shutter+count+software+for+Mac+computers&qs=n&form=QBLH&sp=-1&pq=shutter+count+software+for+mac+computers&sc=1-40&sk=&cvid=919609EDB6AF427E9F5844D622F5AC02
  11. Try using either a moon filter or just a blue colored filter . Other than those you might try a a UHC or IR type filters . I might be naming the wrong one cause I’m not home to double check but at home i have one of celestrons old Nextimagers for planet imaging and the filter came with it but haven’t seen it in so long I can’t remember exactly which one it is but you probably know what I’m talking about .
  12. I’m at 32* N altitude but location of the ecliptic Line is lower than usual for me this time of year . Plus living in town is not best location . Perhaps I’ll give a look soon . I’ll see how it’s located on Cartes du Ceil program .
  13. Great capture , wish i could see it from where your at with naked eye , it would make it easier scope searching for me . Can’t see anything past Saturn from where i live .
  14. If that was a SCT I’d definitely would recheck it with a star test . I’m not familiar with a Cheshire EP so personally I can’t say mainly cause i was always under the impression that refractors were factory aligned and not to be messed with but time has passed and I don’t know that a fact now . But when i zoom in on your image to the star image i see a couple glare rings that seem offset . I’ll be checking back in for followups here to satisfy my curiosity !
  15. Well that makes sense . I’m not familiar with the Evostar . Mine is a Stellarvue and about 15 yrs old approx. and it’s an achromatic so mainly i deal with CA but other than that it’s a fine scope !
  16. Just curious , is your camera a 1.6x or 1.3x ? I don’t have my picture available now but i imaged M42 over 10 yrs ago with my XSi (1.6x) with my AT1010 which was a 80mm 480f/l , F/6 and i don't think mine was that large in the frame or FOV but I didn’t keep records very good to compare here . Like i said just curious .
  17. When i bought my 2” Celestron diagonal it would not screw on to the rear cell of my SCT . I contacted Celestron they had me sent it in and when i got it back it correctly screwed on my rear cell but I don’t recommend attaching the 2” diagonal to the rear of a Celestron FR/6.3 and then add other equipment like a DSLR attached to the diagonal . Even Celestron advised not to attach weight other than EPs’ with that combination . They told me if adding a camera or other heavy items to the diagonal it could cause the diagonal to fall off the FR causing damage to camera and accessories . And that would not be under warranty . So for myself when i used the FR i always attached my DSLR with a T-Adapter and T-Ring only . Other than that combination i attached a OAG with IR EP and my camera to the OAG . But attaching the FR to the rear cell , then attaching a 2” diagonal , then a camera in that combination is an awkward “L” shape combination making the weight distribution un even especially when moving the OTA around on it’s axes . However if one chooses to do so just know that fair warning has been suggested !
  18. I’m partial to Celestron and accessories since I’ve been dedicated to Celestron since 1997 when i bought my C8 . My friend bought the Meade LX200 8”SCT . We fid lots of comparing optically and from our comparing side by side we both agreed Celestrons optics were better . Now everyone has their right to their own opinion and experience . Me and my friend both wore glasses with astigmatism . However at that time Meade was already dealing with China while at that time Celestron was still made in USA and main plsnt was in California at the time . I do know now Celestron deals overseas as well so with optics now i cannot honestly say how they compare . But your certainly are not going to loose buying Celestron accessories. But i will stand by the fact that name brand accessories do work better with same brand scopes cause they are optimized in the lab with their own optics . Don’t have to believe it just cause i say it but test things yourself and see . Check out this Cloudynight discussion on FRs’ . https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/642238-focal-reducer/
  19. Most two inch diagonals come with a 1-1/4” adapter for using anything 1-1/4” . I would not advise trying to use a FR with a 2” diagonal tho cause the threading is not the same for a two inch diagonal to screw onto . You can leave the two inch diagonal on if you want to to do other projects . One big thing always needs remembered is when screwing anything in place of the visual back remember to NOT over tighten cause it’s harder than heck to remove it just snug enough to keep the diagonal from twisting side to side . I mainly have used my two inch diagonal when i image the sun or when i want a full image of the moon or a wider image using my Canon XSi with a 2” adapter while using my C8 . For just viewing i usually use my 1-1/4” diagonal with a barlow and EPs’ . A two inch diagonal with a low power 2” EP will give a terrific WF view especially for objects like the Veil neb , GCs’ , and galaxies like M31 . Good luck with how you choose . To me everything is trial and era but either way different parts are always usable !
  20. Really depends on your budget . But i highly suggest a 2” diagonal . You should be able to take the visual back off and screw the diagonal in place . Then depending on funds I’d get a 2x barlow and a couple good EPs’ to go with in in 2” size if possible . I use a 2” diagonal with a 32mm Plossi EP . A good barlow would give me a good 16mm as well . I won’t suggest EPs’ brands cause others can help better with that . Good luck tho . Just remember not to over power your viewing more than what max power is recommended for your 9.25” .
  21. Nice capture ! I do need to mention I’ve never seen a crescent quite like that . Meaning the bottom portion .
  22. Very nice capture and edit ! Thanks for sharing !
  23. I would agree on the Evo 72mm if funds are available .
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