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  1. I have a Celestron C8 and it does well for viewing but then there is always aperture fever or refractor wants in 127mm or bigger . Personally i think a refractor gives sharper viewing and imaging . But then you have size to consider. I’d love to have a good 5” or 6” scope for viewing but my SCT is alot easier to move around . But some galaxies really need that aperture for really good viewing .
  2. Fantastic capture !!
  3. Looks like a galaxy to me too ! Nice capture !
  4. I have too many film image packages to go back and find my first DSO but i got my first film camera a Pentax K1000 SLR back in November 2002 and this was my first successful capture . A Leonid meter going through Orion constellation .
  5. Way back when i use to use film i did a long exposure of Orion constellation . Every minute i would defocus . After about 5 minutes i ended exposure . The final results were amazing . Some day I’ll have to go back through my photos and reminisce .
  6. Going to be all cloud cover here til Sunday afternoon unless something changes. Cold front came through today . But even tho a nice WF shot would be nice a closeup of Venus with it’s phase and some background stars and maybe some reflection neb if possible would be a great photo opt !
  7. Very nice capture ! Looks like several fuzzies in the region .
  8. I know your second image was better but this one surprised me cause my first scope of decency was a Bushnell 5-1/2” newt and M3 was the first DSO i ever saw and it was just slightly dimmer than this but i was so excited that made my decision to get my Celestron C8 . After that it took awhile to find it again but i bought Nightskies by Terence Dickinson and that’s how i started learning the night skies ! That was in 97’ . I still have both those scopes but i retired from astro work last year . Need to sell them but just can’t get the energy though to do that yet .
  9. Very nice capture , lots of detail !
  10. WOW , great capture and edit !
  11. Beautiful capture especially that second one !! You should send those to www.spaceweather.com for others to see also !
  12. Awesome captures ! Yes these should easily fig in the Solar section . Love that sun colors !
  13. Glad ya'll can see it . Down here in Texas we got cloud cover .
  14. Does this help ? This is for the 27th .
  15. Congratulations if you did . I did that once in the past with a 2x barlow and a 12mm Plossi/light blue filter in my C8 SCT .
  16. Black spots are what is called dust bunnies . Try removing with an air brush : Don't use canned air cause of too much pressure and if you hold at an angle too much you'll get liquid from the can also .
  17. The depth projection is so awesome ! Does the scope have that kind of view ?
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