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  1. The camera was set with a ISO of 2000, I did have it at 3200 but the sky was to bright. The Aperture was at 4.5 with shutter speed of 15s.
  2. With around 90 or so photos I took this morning only one of them had a Perseid Meteor. Even though Perseus is in the direction of the San Francisco International airport with a lot of LP I was still able to get a pretty good photo. I will try again the closer it gets to the 13th. Both photos are of the same meteor, the second is just cropped. Target: Perseid Meteor Shower Camera: Canon 1D Mark3 unmodded subs: 1x15s light Processing: Minor stretching in GIMP2
  3. After installing a driver for a USB/Serial adapter(which turns out to be a fake Prolific PL2303 chip) the 740 was not recognized by the computer anymore. I have a XP 32bit operating system and I have tried everything that I could think of. Everything from reinstalling the operating system to trying to flash the webcam to SPC900NC on a windows 7 computer. I have a big favor to ask. It probably won't work because of the time difference but would anyone be willing to connect to my PC remotely?
  4. I am grateful for everyone's help and yes it is difficult trying to get help only via internet. But I would like to say that I am not confused with the difference from updating and Flashing the cam to SP900NC. I've done the driver update before when I bought it a few months ago and didn't have any trouble. I know it would be probably difficult with time difference a so forth, but would anyone be willing to connect to my computer remotely?
  5. It doesn't show a webcam, it just shows a unknown device.
  6. Ok, so I tried it on both my brothers and parents PC's but it did not work. When I connected the cam it only showed up in the USB section and not in the Sound section. But I went ahead and did the update drive but the computer said that the best drive has already been installed. Could have the camera been damaged some how by the fake serial adapter software or whatever? Also the usb connections on the computer are fine because I have tried other usb devices like a External Hard Drive and it works fine.
  7. Both my brother and parents have PC's with Windows 7. Would this put the PC in danger?
  8. I've tried that already but when it tries to connect to the internet, it wont.
  9. Ok so here is the story. I have the 740 already but I'm not modding it yet, Im waiting for the SPC900NC from Phoenix. Anyway I plugged in the serial adapter to see if it got recognized and I had to install the driver so i did. So during the night imaging I plugged in my webcam for the guiding and it did not get recognized. Anyway you can look at my other post to see what I have done/tried.
  10. Well I know I was told reinstalling the operating sysytem would not fix the problem but I went ahead and did it anyways. If course it did not work and the 740 is still not being recognized by the PC. I just don't get why it's not beig recognized now when it use to before I got the USB/Serial adapter.
  11. I'm using the same driver I did last time, but it won't connect to the internet. The E Drive is I think the usb's. Is it possible that the webcam might be broken?
  12. Sorry forgot about that. I'm running Windows XP with my Toucam 740.
  13. One other thing I forgot to mention is when I did the restore point it gave me a warning about the "E" Drives. Here is a pic of the warning. So should I reinstall the Operating system, would it fix the problem? I've done it many times and it does not take that long.
  14. Well here is all the info. The last time I used the webcam was 2 nights ago and it was working perfectly but once I loaded the software for the Serial adapter the webcam is not recognized. So I did do the system restore and it still did not work. Next I tried to reinstall the drivers for the 740 but when it gets to the point of connecting to the internet, it says it cant connect.
  15. It seems like I might need to reinstall my operating system and everything else, because now my webcam is not being recognized by the computer. I'll have to check on in tomorrow morning since its almost bed time for me right now.
  16. Would it be possible to do the same type of setup with the Toucam 740? When I say same setup I mean with everything from the LX/Amp off board to the USB Hub. I know looking at the modes for the 740 it is totally different.
  17. I got this warning while installing the USB/Serial adapter, of this software has not passed the Windows Log test. Has anyone gotten this before? Is it safe to install?
  18. So with that I decided to redo the image and I think it came out better, at least the background is darker. Hopefully I didn't clip the dark, at least my histogram says I didn't.
  19. Before I packed up my equipment I wanted to get some quick subs of M13. I'll have to give it a proper session later on. I did a 2x drizzle in DSS. Target: M13 Telescope: Celestron SP-C6 Mount: Vixen Super Polaris Unguided Camera: Full Spectrum Canon 300D Rebel Subs: 4x60s lights at ISO 800, 4x60s Darks, 4 Flats
  20. Last night I went for M8 again and everything worked like a dream. I fixed the collimation, which was off just a tiny bit and the I used the mask again since the stars were not bloated this time. Also the seeing was much better it was a 4 unlike the other night when it was a 1 or 2. So I have no idea what fixed the bloated stars. Only had time to get 13 good subs, so its quite noise. I added two different versions, the second one has a darker background. Target: Lagoon Nebula/M8 Telescope: Celestron SP-C6 Mount: Vixen Super Polaris Guided Camera: Full Spectrum Canon 300D Rebel Subs: 5x120s, 8x40s lights at ISO 800, 9x120s Darks, 9 Flats
  21. He had a lot working in his favor. First being at a high altitude will give you a clearer view and less light pollution, heck NASA has a 747 with a telescope in it. Since its night time, the cabin lights would probably be off or dim. Also he was using a high ISO and a fast lens.
  22. Last night while doing another imaging session I also decided to put my Canon 1D Mark3 on the tripod and get some wide field of the Milky Way. The reason I decided to do this was because the other nights I could swear I saw a hint of the Milky Way which I thought was impossible in Millbrae, CA since the dark site says we are in a White/Red zone. But the wide field pictures confirm what my eyes saw. A little info on the location, to the East and North we have the San Francisco International Airport and parts of the west has light from Millbrae and San Bruno. But to the South it is nice and dark since in that area its only residential, so not a lot of light pollution. Target: Milky Way Galaxy Lens: Canon EF28-105mm 3.5-4.5 II USM Mount: Tripod Unguided Camera: unmodded Canon 1D Mark3 Subs: 54x13s lights at ISO 3200, 11x13s Darks
  23. Yes I did make one but for some reason I decided to try and change the focus because I was getting big stars. I might be going out again tonight to do some more testing and to get better subs of M8.
  24. I was going to put this in the Wide field imaging forum but decided to put it in here. Anyway my brother was looking at airliners.net, a website me and him always look at, and there is a mouth dropping picture someone took. The photo is of the Milky Way Galaxy from 35,000 ft. The photographer is Kavin Kowsari and he was on a JetStar Airways flight that was at its cruising altitude. This is a breathtaking picture of our home that we call the Milky Way. Photos: Airbus A330-202 Aircraft Pictures | Airliners.net
  25. Ok so I re-did the image two times the first was to do the levels again and then the second is that I looked at the subs and took out the ones that were not as sharp. That reduced it from 23 subs to 13, which then produced more noise, but I think the image is slightly sharper. I also include a single sub, the only thing I did was to crop it and resize. Most of the other 12 subs had slightly larger stars. Also I noticed that my collimation is little off. 1st Pic: The single sub that was the sharpest and smaller stars. 2nd Pic: First redo which is just levels and curves. 3rd Pic: Second redo which is a new stack with just 13 of the best subs.
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