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  1. Here are two pictures my brother took. The first picture is a close up and the second shows the path of the meteor. The dust/cloud that I have highlighted probably has nothing to do with the meteor but I thought I would show it anyway. What do you guys think?
  2. Me and my brother were out looking at the moon halo last night and when he had the camera pointing at the moon I saw a meteor go from west to east and breakup into many small pieces. It lasted maybe 2-3sec. and it was a nice orange color. The viewing location was Millbrea, California and it was around 9:16pm(Pacific Time). We did not get a picture of the meteor but I had my brother take a picture of what must be the dust from the meteor. I'll upload the photo later on in the day.
  3. When will the Northern Hemisphere be able to see Lovejoy and its tail?
  4. Finally got done with processing the videos from the lunar eclipse. I had to install Registax 5 since version 6 was giving me problems. I was using my Canon 1D MarkIII with a 100-400mm lens and used EOS-MovRec to get the video. For the last picture I had to dismount the camera from the telescope mount and put it on a regular tripod, since the moon moved behind a large object.
  5. I'm wanting to get a barlow for Christmas but don't know which size to go with. Other then the normal thing of make sure you get a top of the line barlow, what size is good. I'll be using it on both my Celestron SP-C6 and Nextstar 8SE imaging of Jupiter and other planets. Is the 5x to much for both scopes compared to 3x?
  6. I'm trying to process the videos that I took of the lunar eclipse but I'm having some issues. After I do the alignment, the next step is the limit and then stack. After it does the stack the picture most of the time is blurry. The blurry is not dealing with focus but it looks like the alignment did not work, it kinda looks like motion blur. Also this is my first time using version 6. I used my DSLR with the EOS-MovRec software. Any help with what settings to have for the alignment window, limit/stack window and so forth.
  7. I'm looking at reviewing a new camera and I'm looking at the the new StarShoot G3 Deep Space Mono Camera. I'll probably need to buy it, most likely they wont give me a review one. But anyways, does it seem like this camera will provide goo/great photos, compared to there other higher priced cameras. Would this be a good one for supernova hunting.
  8. I was wondering the same thing. I want to get my review blog up and running and would like to review this item.
  9. Don't know if this is the right section to put this but OPT telescopes is having a photo contest on there Facebook page and I entered the one of my images. If you use facebook, please "like" there page and vote for my picture. I got into the contest late in the game so I need some help getting the votes. Nick in OPT Telescopes: OPT Night Sky Photo Contest
  10. It doesn't pop like other Veil pictures on the forum but its the best that I could do from the light polluted area that I'm from. Can't do anymore with this target until maybe the 18th when the moon is 3rd Quarter. Target: Western Veil Nebula/NGC6960 Telescope: Celestron SP-C6 Mount: Vixen Super Polaris/guided Camera: Full Spectrum Canon 300D Rebel with CLS Filter Subs: 20x6min 12x8min ISO 400, 20x6min Darks, 20 Flats
  11. I wanted to get some more subs of the Veil and Orion so I was up from 8pm to 4am. Seeing as the guiding was doing good I went inside a few times to warm up. Note to self get a winter jacket and a ski mask.
  12. Well its not the best area, I have the San Francisco International Airport to the east and the different cities to the north. The West and South sky's are pretty dark, but I still need the LP filter. This is the general area that my backyard scope is at. Millbrae Ave - Google Maps
  13. I'm trying not to upload photos until I get more then 5 hours on a target but I could not help myself with this one. This is the first Orion of the year and the first with the camera with full spectrum mod and LP filter. Here is the link from last years Orion, it was with the unmodded camera and no LP filter: http://stargazerslounge.com/imaging-deep-sky/120066-m42-11-11-10-a.html Target: Orion Nebula/M42 Telescope: Celestron SP-C6 Mount: Vixen Super Polaris/guided Camera: Full Spectrum Canon 300D Rebel with CLS Filter Subs: 14x5min ISO 400, 14x6min Darks, 14 Flats I'm still needing the shorter subs for the Trapezium.
  14. It was a clear night in the Bay Area last night/morning and from 1am to 3am I only saw 13 meteors. My camera on the other hand, did not catch any. I would move it to a location in the sky where I saw meteors but the action stopped and started in another area. Just bad luck I guess.
  15. Don't know if this is the right spot to post this, so if need be go ahead and move it to the correct location. Yesterday(Friday), NASA Ames had a tweet-up for 50 people that were picked from twitter to tour SOFIA and they also invited the media to cover the event and take a tour of the aircraft. It was my first time being up close and personal with this beauty. Got to see Marita Beard one of the teachers that got a chance to go up on one of the science missions and she also brought 100 of her high school students to tour SOFIA. I got to talking with the public affairs director for SOFIA and he told me that they have a program where they take the media up during missions and its a three day event of training and other stuff. So in the near future I'll hopefully be going up in SOFIA. SOFIA Tour 1 by Nick R2006, on Flickr SOFIA Tour 9 by Nick R2006, on Flickr
  16. I was at NASA Ames to take pictures at the media briefing of the discovery. I should have asked the panel this but now that we found a planet with two stars I wonder if it would be possible for a triple star system to have a planet.
  17. I would sign that petition, even though I try and say Iris it always seems to sound like Irish. Here are two pictures, the first one is ISO400 at 356sec and the second one is ISO800 at 236sec. I went with ISO at 356sec for the whole night thinking that ISO400 would be less noise. Wouldn't the ISO800 at 236 be the same as ISO400 at 356.
  18. When ever I see pictures of the Irish Nebula from astronomers on here I'm always blown away of how it looks. So last night I tried to capture it from my backyard. I'm sure this is a very challenging target to capture and even more challenging from a light polluted area. I'm not 100% happy with the picture. Is it even possible to bring out the dust from this one at a light polluted area? The 5min subs were just entering the middle of the histogram. Target: Iris Nebula/NGC7023 Telescope: Celestron SP-C6 Mount: Vixen Super Polaris/guided Camera: Full Spectrum Canon 300D Rebel with CLS Filter Subs: 15x5min ISO 400, 10x5min Darks, 10 Flats
  19. Ok, last night I was testing my modified SPC900NC with PHD but it was not showing the stars like SharpCap was. With SharpCap I had it at exposure of 3sec and full gain and the star showed up but when I went to PHD the star would show up but very faint and no matter what settings I had it would not show up like it did with SharpCap. Am I doing something wrong with PHD? I don't know what mag the star was but I could just see it with my 4.8mm eyepiece. The guide scope is a Celestron 60mm/700mm. Any Help would be great.
  20. Last night was first light for my modified SPC900NC and I must say it went well. The target I decided to test the webcam on was M27. It felt amazing seeing the first picture pop up and you could see a faint hint of the nebula with just 12sec. After some fulling around with settings I went with 102sec exposure with gain at around 40. I'll be going back to this target again in the next few days. Target: M27/Dumbbell Telescope: Celestron SP-C6 Mount: Vixen Super Polaris Unguided Camera: Modified SPC900NC Subs: 20x102sec lights at 40 gain, 10x102sec Darks
  21. After several weeks of waiting for parts and webcam to arrive I'm finally done with my first LX mod. Now I have to start on my second LX mod and I have to wait for the webcam adapters to arrive before I can test it on the scope. A big thanks to YesYes for making the mod and starting this thread.
  22. I sent in my picture from the 10th to space.com and they put it in there article. Perseid Meteor Shower Dazzles Skywatchers Despite Full Moon | Shooting Stars & Meteor Showers | Perseid Meteor Shower & Skywatching Tips, Amateur Astronomy | Space.com
  23. Even though it's a faint one, at least you got one. I'll be going out there again on Friday morning even though the moon will be out in full force.
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