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  1. Thanks guys. Where is it being discounted?
  2. Thanks folks. What do you think about adding a barlow? Or am I better just getting the eyepieces I want?
  3. Hi All, I have been a member of the forum for quite some time and have finally acquired a telescope. I have picked up what I think is a charity shop bargain - got an Orion Optics 200 reflector with vixen gp2 mount. However, although it did come with two eyepieces I'm not sure on their quality, one is an unnamed 17mm the other is a Skywatcher 10mm. I'm interested in peoples opinions on which eyepieces (and/or a barlow) I could add to them and replace ultimately. I've read info on the Vixen SLV's and although pricey am wondering whether these would be good with this scope. My only concern is the field of view (50 degrees) but being a novice don't know how important this will be, especially as I'm a forty year old novice! Are there any other eyepieces I should be considering? I will also be getting a collimator to ensure everything is aligned. Thanks
  4. Hmm. Ok, so given the choice between the two below, which would you choose - not taking price into account? Assume brand is B&S for the roofs and lets say Nikon for the Porro's 8x40 Porro 8x42 ED glass Roof 10x56 ED glass Roof 10x50 Porro Remember these are primarily for night sky and then a little day time use.
  5. Cheers, Yes I've heard midges are bad news. I'm debating which side of the lochs to stay at night simply because of them! Oh cool, That clears it up then. May just plump for the 8x42s then as they are lighter. Want them for airshows too so portability may be good. Although a Typhoon in a 10x would be nicer i'd guess! Going to give them another try tonight and see if I can get good focus on the ones I've borrowed. Steve
  6. Hi folks, I got to try some Minox BV 8x42 roof prisms last night. Admittedly through a window but got to take a look at Jupiter. However, I couldn't get my right eye focused. Could this have been because of looking through the window? It was also not quite dark enough. Dark but not pitch black. I couldn't really see much detail. To be expected with 8x I guess. So I have a question: would I see more with 10x? Or would I just see the planet and it's moons as dots? Would I see any kind of planetary detail? Cheers Steve
  7. Cheers guys and thanks for the tips. On the binoculars again, are the barr and stroud savannah 10x56 ED good for atsronomy?
  8. Most of it yes. I know I will need to portage near fort William and Augustus. I'm not small so 30kg in total I think should be fine. I haven't bought train tickets yet and will only do so once I know the weather will be generally ok and also wind direction ie East to west or west to East. I will be keeping relatively close to shore on all the lochs so any difficulties will either mean landing for the night or rolling up and walking till dusk. I appreciate the comments by the way. It's a big undertaking. If anyone fancies coming along let me know! But...... Which binoculars? I'm suffering from too much choice and lack of decision making. Steve
  9. Thanks. I'm going to be trying out both types (and will probably end up with the porros) I just wanted to be sure that the optics weren't the issue. Thanks for reply. I'll be carrying the lot. The kayak (its and inflatable) makes up most of the weight at about 17 kg. So I'll only have to carry around twelve - not including water - on my back with the kayak on my shoulder. Inflatables are difficult to capsize but in the event of bad weather everything will be in dry bags except my emergency equipment - which will be on me anyway. Theoretically the dry bags will float! Theoretically. I'm by no means experienced but think this is doable. But if you feel it is overdoing it please do let me know.
  10. Ok I think I see what you are saying. So if you took the nikons you linked and compared them to these; http://www.johnlewis.com/nikon-monarch-5-waterproof-binoculars-8-x-42/p503184 The porro ones would be optically better? Cheers
  11. Yes thinking maybe lower the mag. However, what do you think about the roof prisms? Is it just cost that stops people using them or is it more function? Yes I know. Just want something to do in the evening rather than playing games on my phone. Even in twilight you can start to see the night sky (moon for example - assuming it is out!).
  12. Hi guys, I'm planning on kayaking he great canoe trail between Inverness and Fort William in July - using an inflatable kayak. I'll be wild camping so thought it would be the ideal opportunity to get a pair of binoculars and observe the night sky. I have done an awful lot of research and at around 3pm yesterday decided I would settle on some 10x50 porro prisms. Either Pentax, Optichron, Nikon or Bushnell. Might have been another too. I settled on these because they are at a magnification and aperture useful for astronomy and also general use. However, at around 3:01pm I thought these are going to be a little bit big for taking all the way to Scotland with five days of gear (minimalist I must admit) but with the kayak as well it's looking like around 30 kg of gear. Taking a large set of binoculars is probably not ideal. Then shortly after 3:01pm (probably closer to about 4pm as my brain tends to work slowly nowadays) I thought why not roof prisms. My understanding is that the only reason porro is better is because of cost. And this is where you folks come in.... Am I correct? If so, do any of you know of some roof prisms that compare favourably to the porros above at similar mag and aperture for general use? Or even some that are better. I had intended of spending up to £150 but I guess if the right pair came up I could go a bit higher. Could even be talked into a monocular if you know of a good one. So, do you have any recommendations or thoughts on my understanding above? Thanks in advance. Steve
  13. No we can't. That would be far too much responsibility for Joe Public.
  14. Agreed. Doesn't stop the powers that be thinking it though!
  15. I'd guess it's because you could use it to make heavy water which is used in the manufacture of nuclear fuel. Or just covering themselves!
  16. Thanks Caldwell. I have been looking at both these scopes in the last few months mondering whether the ED really was worth the extra money. You've made my mind up. Now I just have to talk the missus round!
  17. Deffo aquarium shop. I have a marine aquarium and have my own reverse osmosis unit (I'm in London and happy to supply if you're heading down this way). They will sell it as RO water and it should have a TDS of zero - or close to! There's a shop in Whitley Bay called Marine Life. I have never been so can't vouch for quality but they have a good enough reputation. You may end up purchasing more than just water though!
  18. I had hoped to but still don't have a scope. Can binos be used? Are there appropriate filters around for them?
  19. Great shot. Impressed. Was it on the 120 ed or the standard 120?
  20. Really good work. Very impressed with the whole site too. It's now one of my favourites! Shall be giving your tips a go in Aus if I get the opportunity!
  21. Thanks all. Will post up pics tomorrow. At work at the moment and the pc tries to encript my sd card! Haven't tried DSS. I was hoping that one nice long shot (I have an EQ1 with motor) would show me the galaxy! Well not quite but something similar. I have the nifty fifty on my Christmas list - I guess this would mean I take same length shots that come with more detail. If we get a good night like last night over the weekend I will give it another go and uss DSS. Shroud sounds like a good idea. The moon didn't help - very bright last night. Might just try some dark paper and wrap it round the lens. Blooming freezing last night but I was rather excited once I'd spent a little time out there. Cant wait to get a telescope now!
  22. Hi all I tried some widefield last night with my 550d and 55-250 lens. I first tried Jupiter and it's moons at 250. Came out ok, even if I do say so myself. Then I had a go at Orion. Set the camera to bulb and took a few 1 minute shots. Lots of stars in the pic but also lots of yellow (I live in London but my balcony is mostly shaded). Is there anything I can do to reduce the yellow in the images? I took shorter shots and this helped but also reduced the number of stars. Help is much appreciated. Thanks Steve
  23. Very nice. Just got myself an eq1 with motor to do the same thing. Was going to give it a go last night but neighbour had big halogen light on! Any tips you can give - I have 550 d and same lens (although hoping to ge the nifty fifty for Chrimbo)?
  24. Probably heading to the Regents Park one tomorrow. Assuming people there let me have a look I'll get some kind of idea what I want. Assuming people have the scope I am thinking about. I'll take my camera along and have a go at some night shots.
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