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  1. I've had my eye on the 3m scopedome for several years now. When the v3 came out, I was determined to take the plunge. Base and pier built in anticipation of the new arrival and then, somewhat out of the blue came Covid, furlough and redundancy. Thankfully I'm back in work again and looking to relocate from a Bortle 4 to somewhere darker. Fingers crossed my some will become reality at some point. In the mean time, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading Gordon's adventures in France. I shall make copious notes for future reference! May I ask why you decided to raise the domes? Was is predominantly to create space of equipment under the flooring or for other reasons (such as ventilation? Thanks once again for such a terrific thread Andrew
  2. Welcome to the forum. I love the love the scopedome v3. I plan to own one in the future once we move house. Never seen one in person yet though- not even sure if there are any in the UK. I have heard that they can be a bit flimsy. Is this true? Kind regards, Andrew
  3. Hello and welcome to the forum. They really are a helpful lot here - given me loads of good advice and help over the years!
  4. Hello and welcome to the forum. They really are a helpful lot here - given me loads of good advice and help over the years! Ooh, has to be Orion for me!
  5. Hello and welcome to the forum. They really are a helpful lot here - given me loads of good advice and help over the years!
  6. Hello and welcome to the forum. They really are a helpful lot here - given me loads of good advice and help over the years!
  7. Hi Michael, I had changed the calibration steps to 5000ms in PHD2 - I guess I must not have hit ok! The calibration step calculator suggests 1100ms, so I will try that too. I shall make all your recommended tweaks on the next clear night, as well as offsetting the balance a little in Dec, and running the guide assistant. Not sure where to turn the dec backlash compensation on - I'll have a look for it! Thanks once again for your invaluable assistance
  8. Hi Michael, Yes, I meant the minimum star HFD. This value was set at 1.2 (I think that was a default setting). I increased the value using the arrows - which incremented in 0.5. I've since re-set this to 3.0 Using the calibration calculator, PHD2 was setting the calibration set at 1100ms. This still resulted in the RA error. However, setting this to 5000ms resulted in calibration. As requested. I've attached the log. Thanks once again for looking! Andrew PHD2_GuideLog_2021-06-12_112421.txt
  9. A big thankyou to Michael and Martin! I amended the minimum star reference size from 1.3 pixels to 2.7 and also increased the pulsing duration to 5000. I was then able to calibrate at the first attempt! Its not the smoothest of guides, but my mount is working beyond it's imaging payload anyway. I'm sure I can work at smoothing it out a bit more over the next few clear nights Thanks once again folks! Andrew Guiding Graph 13 06 21.bmp
  10. Hi Budgie1, Yes, I have a dark library. Also tried guiding on different stars (auto and manually selected). I'll check the star reference size though, I can't remember what that had been set to - thanks.
  11. Thanks Michael, I'll try pulsing at 5000 tonight. In the past I've guided on-camera without any real problems, although calibration did still take 61 steps. Do you think I could have removed too much backlash? That said, the mount still tracks and slews without any binding sound - and I rotated a full 360 degrees in RA and Dec. Hmm.
  12. If it helps, here is also a screenshot of my EQmod settings - thanks once again!
  13. Hi Guys, For the last few weeks I’ve been trying to sort out a PDH2 failure to calibrate issue I’m getting. I’ve guided in the past, but I’m far from knowledgeable regarding the PHD2 settings. My problem is this: Last month, I tried a re-calibration, and all I was getting was ‘calibration failure, RA star did not move enough.’ I was aware that my HEQ5 mount had some bad backlash, so I spent a few hours removing that. Still got the same error. I had been using a usb to serial to RJ lead combination. I was never particularly happy with this (I had to bind the two leads together with electrical tape to stop them detaching). So, I now have an EQDir cable; much better…but I still can’t calibrate in PHD2. I can control the mount fine through Stellarium and the mount tracks ok. I think the issue must be within the PHD2 setting or possibly the EQMod tracking rate – I’ve tried 0.1 to 0.9 (and used the calibration step calculator each time). I’m guiding through an Evoguide scope (FL 242mm) and an ASI 120MM mini guide camera (3.75u). I think the error probably sits with me rather than the hardware. Is anyone able to offer any advice please? I’ve added last night’s PHD2 log – I tried a number of settings, but no joy! Any help would be fantastic! Andrew PHD2_GuideLog_2021-06-10_225310.txt
  14. Thank you ever so much Astro Noodles. Hope you enjoy it.
  15. Hi all, Hope this post is ok (please remove if not). A few months ago I wrote a psychological sci-fi novel set in the 1940's about an astronomer. I've kept the astro side of things as accurate as possible and thought some people here may enjoy reading it. Although you can buy it in paperback or on Kindle, if you have kindle unlimited it is currently free to download. It was very much a labour of love. I promised myself that once I gained my astrophysics degree I would write a book. It took a few years of work to complete. Any help in getting it noticed on Amazon would be greatly appreciated! Thanks once again, Andrew The Starlight Demon
  16. That's one giant...leap...for mankind!
  17. Thanks for the info Budgie1, that's really helpful...and reassuring! I had looked at that exact cable, and another one for about £40. I'll order the one you have. Did yours come with a PSU? I'll also order a powered usb hub (thanks for the advice Alan). I have a £100 budget so should just about do it
  18. Thanks Alan for clarifying that! I was also going to buy an additional power supply for the cable. My current usb hub isn't powered- do you think that would still be okay?
  19. Thanks Clarkey, that's good to hear! I know that a raspberry pi would probably be a better solution, but I'm really not very IT literate. Extension cables I can deal with! Cheers
  20. Hi, After much a do with putting up with British weather, I have decided to civilise astronomy by moving my laptop indoors. I'm looking to purchase a 15m active 3.0 USB cable in order to run four devices through a USB hub (imaging camera, guide camera, filter wheel and ASCOM cable). My question is this: I've read (through an Amazon customer review) that each extension chipset in the cable counts as one device...and that a USB port is limited to five devices. Is anyone able to confirm this please? Does anybody use a 15m extension cable with one or more chipsets along it? I don't want to spend £60 or so on a cable that can't run four devices. Thanks for any advice folks!
  21. Hi Steve, I have focal length (1003mm for my 8" Newtonian) and 2.9 microns for my pixel size saved in the tab. The field of view is not particularly big (about 19x10 arc mins). My laptop only has an i3 processor, maybe that could be the problem? Andrew
  22. At the moment, I'm not connected to the mount or camera - just uploading an old image file and blind plate solving.
  23. I am trying to plate solve for the first time but am not having much (any) success yet. Hopefully someone here will be able to show me the errors of my ways. I intend to use ASPS in partnership with Sharpcap Pro, however, at the moment, I cant even get ASPS to solve a single image. My FOV is 19.3 x 10.9 arcmins and I have download the relevant index 4202, 4203, 4204, 4205 (and 4206). In the plate solver setting I have my FL (1003mm) and pixel size (2.9um) entered. When I select a file to solve however, the 'work in progress' counter just ticks away (I tend to abort it after an hour!!!) I have uploaded the same image files onto Astrometry net and they have been solved without issue (and also confirm the FOV). I must be doing something wrong! Cheers, Andrew
  24. Oh, I see. Thanks Seelive. I was thinking that LST was my actual local time. So, I can use the LST to judge what objects are crossing the meridian based on their R.A. (I think) Thanks.
  25. My longitude is 0 7' 4.6" E so LST is going to be very close to UCT. Laptop clock shows 17:09, Stellarium clock shows 17:09 (not sure where calculated LST would be displayed), but EQMOD is still 8+ hours ahead.
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