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  1. Hi couple of weeks ago we talking about using a DSLR on my explorer 150.Camera is a canon 40D bit old i know,i have the attachments  the Canon eos ring and the T piece. no i experimented in the garden  just on a tv antenna which was a success,photo enclosed.Now i tried on the  Moon this evening,between clouds and was a total failure,no way could i get it into focus,i tried 2 methods one with T piece direct into   telescope eye piece and again with a barlow,both failed.Is it poss i may need a extension tube to  get focus?.Telescope is non motor at the moment.Sorry to be a nuisance.    Regards derek



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    2. djs44


      I contacted Harrison Telescopes who i bout the scope from they replied,the explorer has a T thread on the first tube of the focuser you do not use a T adapter on that model as the thread is allready there,hmm well i never new that,live and learn,quess the T adapter will come in usefull some where in the future,ok got to try this out now.

    3. Ouroboros


      I think I'm confused now. Are you saying that the second picture is the position you get best focus for the tv aerial. If it is then the moon's focus won't be far from there, but further in. 

    4. djs44


      That is correct i did what harrison telscopes advise it does get the camera up close to scope with one snag those little screwa that hold the camera steady  you lose those and camera swings about a bit,will give it a go when i get a decent night ie no clouds.As you said needs to further in which is what happens when i take the eye piece apart,i had no idea it allready had a built in thread,gets camera in by a further  inch,soory about confusion i am not the best at describing things Derek

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