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  1. I was using one of these High Power Multi-Voltage Desktop Power Supply : Multi Voltage Power Supplies : Maplin Electronics , which has been fine normally. Will go downstairs and test the clutches to see if there is any change in noise in the motors as I've packed up and brought everything in now, if not I will reflash the handset and hope for the best! Many thanks for the advice
  2. im connected by mains so I dont think it can be power and I've checked all the connections to the mount twice but nothing the change in the sound of the motors has got me worried
  3. Hello guys, I was just about to view Mars a moment ago and noticed that the mount had stopped tracking and the tone of the motors had changed. So I turned the mount off and back on and now it freezes as soon as it reaches the Synscan v3.27 part. It initialises, makes the beep and then just freezes? Any idea what's going on, I guess that the firmware has corrupted itself and needs a reflash.... Thanks for any help, Carl
  4. B&Q Safety Rcd Adaptor ARCDNB Black, ARCDNB I use one of these in the mains with the extension plugged in and then the extension reel inside a large storage box to ensure it doesn't get damp in the garden, prefer it to using the battery so that I can power the mount and laptop from one source.
  5. That is the eyepiece accessory tray which goes inbetween the legs where the mount locking pole comes down from. The small central hole of accessory tray slides up that to go inbetween the legs which is then locked by using the black bolt which holds it into place.
  6. I had a chat with a philips customer support person earlier on and strangely they said that the SPC900NC's are still being manufactured, hopefully some retailers will be getting some stock soon? Carl
  7. Hopefully its good news, Peterborough is about 25 miles from here but doesn't create too much LP on the horizon. When it's cloudy its really visible but when it's clear it isn't too bad. Will be keeping a sharp eye on this throughout the project. Edit: Just found this also http://www.peterborough.gov.uk/news/latest_news/2012/february/street_lighting_upgrade.aspx seems relatively positive what they are saying.
  8. Wow, that's pretty epic for an unmodded DSLR. Nice image! Was this with the 150P?
  9. As stated you will need the 235mm tube rings and a long dovetail. I went through this transition last year and haven't looked back Sometimes I do miss just plopping the dob outside and being able to observe though..
  10. What I always seem to see is people saying that the synguider can work great or it won't work. There also doesn't seem to be much support for the synguider either. If you get the QHY5 you will be able to kill 2 birds with one stone as stated and can use it as both a guide cam and planetary. If you are planning on taking a laptop out anyway it would make sense just to use the QHY5 + PHD as it is a popular setup opposed to a synguider and should be easier to diagnose any problems.
  11. Is the counterweight shaft fully extended? You could try and dim the polarscope illumination also which might help.
  12. I've not collimated my newt ever since I got it for xmas in 2010, no obvious signs of the mirrors not being aligned. Not to say that a cheap little collimation cap shouldn't be included though. A laser collimator should be extra otherwise I'm sure it would bump the price up a notch on dobs/newts
  13. If you keep the focal length short and the weight to a minimum, I see no reason why you wouldn't be able to use a CG5 mount. However, once adding a guidescope etc. the weight won't necessarily be at a minimum and you may require a more sturdy mount with a higher payload and better motors, which is why people say to get an HEQ5 as a minimum.
  14. Thanks Spikey, I saw on a thread previously that it should be 2500ms which is why I put it so high but will lower it to 1500ms tomorrow providing it's clear, no knowing with the metoffice. Hopefully will be able to get 10 minute subs once I can get guiding sorted before the moon starts to destroy the image. Typical that the moon is up when it's a good week with a few clear nights
  15. I think it could be Dec, if I remember correctly the graph showed Dec falling in quite a sharp V. RA wasn't as bad but it did drop significantly along with Dec albeit very quickly and it only did it once when I was taking the 5 min exposure which I assume would have caused the duplication of the stars.
  16. Hi guys, Well I didn't expect it to go perfect first time so I'm wondering if anyone has any tips/pointers as to what happened and why. Unfortunately I didn't get a screengrab of the graph at the time but I can explain it - It looked like both RA and DEC were over correcting themselves every so often and then there would be a sudden drop in both axes? I'm also having trouble using stellarium as the GOTO of the setup, It slewed to roughly the right place but not exactly, do you need to do the star alignment when using the synscan handset as the interface? Attached is a 5 minute sub of M45 showing the over corrections (not the best object to image when the moon is just over half way) The other is showing the PHD settings. As you can see some of the stars are doubling all in the same direction, so I guess it is over correcting? Hopefully the settings in the attachment will explain why it's doing that. Thanks in advance, Carl Edit: Forgot to add equipment, It was a 200P on an EQ6 guided with an ST80 and SPC900 webcam
  17. Nice one, cheers! Gunna get some of those to store my equipment in rather than having it lying around all over the place!
  18. Looking good, I would guess the white balance would be to blame for the blue tinge. You could just change the image to black and white in a graphics package and it should work.
  19. I reckon it's not too expensive, majority of all of my equipment has come from saving up pocket money and from christmas/birthday. In that time I have a reasonable imaging setup for a barebone price compared to what others pay! One of the Atik/Starlight xpress CCD's + filters etc. probably costs more than my whole setup!
  20. Is it the same as this one? Optus telescope with EQ-7 mount - Magnification 35x - 234x | eBay If so, it comes on an EQ-7 mount!
  21. I don't understand your comment. It's cloudy and daytime...why would it be outside?
  22. Glad that it's helping someone else also! Thanks to all that helped me get setup for guiding, I am now ready to get guiding on the next clear night! Tomorrow and friday are looking good I think it's a great addition to the living room, but my mum thinks otherwise Once again thank you all! Onwards and upwards!
  23. Your videos are great David, they give a great insight of what is available to view each week and methods of how to locate them. Keep up the good work! I'm actually imaging M1 right now as my last unguided image, only aiming for about an hour of 1 min exposures but it will be another to tick off the list
  24. That's the first time I've ever seen Bill and Bob smiling! They are always scared whenever I'm playing it lol
  25. So that's why morgans are out of stock 46 sold at twice the price bought at..*sigh*. Couldn't you buy the microsoft lifecam HD as an alternative?
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