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  1. Just got my webcam today so that I can start doing basic photography after xmas when I get my telescope. I need a nosepiece for the webcam to use with 1.25" eyepiece but I'm not sure which nosepiece I need to get. Can anybody link me to one that will work with the webcam and eyepiece? Cheers, Carl
  2. I believe so yea, you can buy upgrade kit to use on HEQ5. Something like this Skywatcher - SynScan PRO GOTO Version 3 Upgrade Kit for EQ5 anyone correct me if I'm wrong
  3. Already got it matt such a sweet little program!
  4. Cheers for that sn00p, I'll defo go for the Skywatcher 200p dob!
  5. Ah right thanks, I think i'll go for one of those then and learn the sky manually instead of having a goto, as ive seen that the goto mount takes up a lot of the price! Then after I have the scope I would just need some accessories like: 2x Barlows? Turn left at Orion?, Red light? Any others that you recommend?
  6. Cheers for the help lads, I'm stuck now choosing between these which are around £200-£250: Meade ETX 80, Meade DS2080 and the 8" Dob but does the dob come without a mount? And are the Meade scopes any good for looking planets and maybe galaxies?
  7. ooh, If i bought a scope without a GOTO can you purchase the GOTO later and add it on?
  8. Ah right, I guess ill have to work my way up through buying the equipment for the photography, dont think my mum will spend all that on xmas for me any recommendations of a starter scope at about £200-300, also is there a website that has some accessories that I may need, I heard about barlow eye pieces? Are they something I should get aswell?
  9. Hey, I'm Carl and I'm quite new to astronomy and recently just got intrigued while reading a book in a free study period. My query is that I'm kinda stuck at which sort of telescope I should get, could anybody give me a reference for one? I was thinking of getting one of those ones with a motor which knows the sky, however is it possible to take pictures with these? I live in quite a less populated area of the UK (The Fens) aswell which I hope helps with the quality of images. Any help is much appreciated, cheers! ~Carl~
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