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  1. Hi all, We are still very much an active group but run through a Google Plus group. If you are in the Leicester, Northampton, Coventry areas and would like to join, PM me. Simon
  2. I would like to piggyback a dslr on to the top of my scope. I have an avx mount. What is the best way of doing this and how do I attach the camera to the scope? Thanks SImon
  3. No chance of me going hill walking! It is only for astronomy.
  4. Thanks RecceRanger, took your advice and bought one from Sports Direct. Cost me £99. I bought the extra large size even though I'm normally a medium. Simon
  5. Hi All, I was thinking of getting a down jacket to try to reduce the "Michelin Man" effect when observing. There seem so many out there and I cannot tell the difference between 60g and 600 fill. Can any let me know if they are worthwhile and what I should be looking for? Thanks Simon
  6. A cheap Dob refractor though would almost certainly not be worth buying....
  7. Wasn't commenting on the usefulness or otherwise of the scope. It might be a good buy if inspires someone to take up astronomy. Merely the fact that whoever designed the box didn't understand that a Dob doesn't have a lens.
  8. It has mirrors not lenses if it's a Dob.... Simon
  9. Hi all, I was in Aldi on Thurs and I saw a Dobsonian telescope on offer. I looked on the box and it said it had a 76mm lens . Oh Lordy Lordy.......... Simon
  10. Forgot to mention that I did install the MAC drivers from the Plugable website. Simon
  11. Hi Steve, Update on firmware update on MAC: Cable arrived today. Plugged in. Started CFM. Identified scope. Firmware update went like a dream (although not tested in the field yet). Updated both Starsense and Nexstar+ handset. For anyone else struggling I can confirm that this lead worked on a MAC. It is supposed to be compatible with window as well. http://www.amazon.co...7986871_TE_item Thanks for all your help. SImon
  12. Thanks Steve, I thought that would be the case. I wasn't sure the mount needed to be involved and powered. Simon
  13. Hi Steve. I have got a picture of the connections for the Starsense handset but not for the normal one. Have you got a copy of the picture to update the normal handset? I can't seem to see one in the CFM download. Hopefully my lead will arrive tomorrow. SImon
  14. One further question Steve, do you need to start it in bootloader mode (Celeston button, Menu button and switch on I believe) in order to do the updating? Simon
  15. Thanks for your help. As you said, I needed to download the latest version earlier as the one I had downloaded previously didn't work. I also needed to update the Java as well. Hopefully it is just a cable issue. I'll see how I do with a new cable. Simon
  16. Thanks for that, no I haven't. Not the easiest website to extract info from is it?
  17. Thanks Steve, I've just ordered this one from Amazon. I ordered it before I saw your post. Hope it's OK. I have the Starsense handset but it shouldn't make a difference. http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00425S1H8/ref=pe_385721_37986871_TE_item Simon
  18. Thanks Steve, It has answered one question I think. You can use a MAC to update the mount. I assume it is the same even though you have a Nexstar and I have an AVX. I will try a different usb to serial cable. Did you have to download any drivers for your MAC? Simon
  19. Hi, I have a Mac. I suspect the problem may be the USB to serial cable. I can get the firmware updating software to run but cannot get the mount recognised. Simon
  20. Hi, I've just tried updating the firmware on my Celestron AVX but it does not seem to recognise the scope. Has anyone any links/suggestions or had success? Simon
  21. Updated and improved (hopefully!). Not quite there but getting better. Simon
  22. PM sent. What was your setup routine with the Starsense? Simon
  23. Thanks Ian. What is your setup routine? Do you polar align and then use the Starsense? Simon
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