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  1. The best advice I can give is not to get into the trap of concerning yourself about other people's sketches. Some people are better than you, some are worse, you are your own person and are sketching for your own pleasure. In time you will see a personal improvement, like with anything you practise. Most importantly, if something doesn't work or doesn't look good, who cares it's the end of the world and you can always try again
  2. The shadow detail is brilliant! You can get a real sense of the height of crater walls, excellent work!
  3. Wow! Thank guys for all the great help and advice/warnings. As regards the eclipse glasses, I failed to realise but this quote from ronin says it all. "A car may be safe in a crash at 50mph, but at 200x faster, 10,000mph you are going to end up as a very thin pancake." Food for thought What kind of detail/image can I expect with a cheaperish (yeah it's a word) telescope and a solar filter film fitted firmly to the front (try saying that ten times when drunk)? Are we talking a white disc with black sun spots or can you draw out any detail around the sun spots or the edge of the disc? I have pr
  4. Hello, Long time since I spoke on here due to many reason which may bore you. The main reason is I now live in Japan! Anyway as I have moved from dark skies to the bright lights I can no longer observe galaxies and nebulea so I have swapped my focus to Lunar, Planetary and now solar observation, so here comes my stoopid noobie questions. Can I buy a cheapist telescope and put baader solar film over the end and observe away? Do I need filters on the eyepiece or are they just to draw more detail out. i.e can I observe without them? What do I need to be able to see the enough detail on the sun a
  5. Thanks Chris will try this! Do yo think this could explain why the alignment steadily got worst throughout the night?
  6. Hi all, I am in need of some help regarding my tracking and keeping alignment. The other night for the first time I managed to align the mount properly! I gave it some tough tests like slowing between M42 and M31 just to make sure it was spot on and it was! I then left it on M42 for a good ten minutes and noticed the tracking was off and it had drifted by half a degree from the centre. I pressed enter and it centred it, so at this point the alignment was still spot on, though the tracking wasn't. I then left it again whilst I went inside to make use of the facilities. When I came out I didn't
  7. **UPDATE** Well as promised here is a photo of the finished light shield. The woman said there was no light shield available, so the guy had to paint it. As you can see the light still shines into my garden and the shield is not not good enough to block it all out. BTW I view from the area of the patio that is hidden by the wall on the right of the picture. I e-mailed back to see if there was anything more the could do, but as there are garages behind my property they can't paint anymore than this. I have estimated that it blocks out around 20%-30% of the light and 80% of the glare when viewin
  8. Thieves can go into room 101 with Streetlights and Clouds. Also when you say intelligent description do you mean you gave them a stupid one "It could have been a man, I could have been an Alien." haha. Did you get your laptop back?
  9. When I were a lad we got taught:- My Very Early Morning Jam Sandwiches Usually Nauseates People. Now you need one of these to include all the Dwarf Planets, haha.
  10. Thanks for that one Naz, I would have missed that completely.
  11. Actually there is an arguement to streetlights shining into gardens increasing crime as it them the abililty to see in your garden without the use of a torch. A torch would be easy to spot in a dark garden. This has actually happened as well, in the local news someone saw someone in a garden and thought it was the owner as the garden was so well alight they figured a thief wouldn't be so brass. Also if people had security lights instead of street lights you would be alerted to movement in the garden. Also I would bet that a lot of house burglery happens during the day when it is daylight and p
  12. It's so strange that my council passed my details on and it was sorted so easy but other council are just be awkward for what seems like no reason. Bunch of tossers.
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