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  1. Never mind, I found the Network Settings widget. Thanks again!
  2. Is there some file I need to edit to change the priorities? I'd like to use the Astroberry WiFi network while in the field and use my home network at, well, home.
  3. Gotcha. Currently my RPi is creating its own WiFi network, called "Astroberry." I can connect to it from my laptop by joining that network, but I lose Internet connectivity. Is there a way to have the RPi join my home network and allow me to connect through that?
  4. Thanks, very helpful! I've just loaded Astroberry onto my RPi and was trying out VNC, but this is clearly a better way. Do I need to do anything on the RPi to configure or start the INDI server? Or do I just plug in all my gear and configure on my laptop from the client side?
  5. Thanks Martin for the response and explanations! From my limited sample, I agree that color balance doesn’t need adjustment, at least not a high priority. Re exporting the settings - I only do EEA as well, on an alt-az mount, but it’s nice to share images with friends and family afterwards. So a little of the AP-wow factor creeps in. I’m excited about getting Jocular running real time, once I figure out Astroberry. Definitely more work than the ASIAIR Pro I’m using now. Thanks for all your work on the tool!
  6. Hi, I've been experimenting with Jocular, just manually dropping FITs into the watched folder for now. I'm planning to use it with a watched folder on my laptop in tandem with an Astroberry RPi on the mount taking the images. Some random thoughts for what they're worth: Jocular does a great job with the auto blackpoint! I really like being able to switch the stretching algorithm. My platesolving doesn't work until I increase the match threshold to 50 arc-seconds. Probably user error, still experimenting. The GIF feature is super cool. Annotations, too. Any chance using the Bottleneck library would speed up stacking a tad? I'm using the software binning to reduce file sizes. It might be nice if the settings for the current stack could be exported and run separately on the original FITs to produce a full-size image to save for fame, fortune, etc. The LAB sliders (G<->R, B<->Y) are a bit small and fiddly. Eventually, I might use a standalone Python script to retrieve the files from the Astroberry RPi and then preprocess them a bit, say setting a FWHM rejection level, before sending them to the watched folder.
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