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  1. Redrig

    Hello all

    Thanks Guys will be asking questions soon enough need clear sky's first so I can figure out this lens flare or reflection that I have going on...
  2. Redrig

    Hello all

    Hi everyone been playing around with my Redcat 51 for the last year, absorbing information like a sponge as I’m new to Astro photography and I thought the Redcat 51 was a good place to start. Just bought my new workhorse ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15 as my old Laptop died… so now I can get on with processing all my targets that I couldn’t process. Also been lucky enough to get my hands on a nearly new Canon 60D so I can put away my beloved wife’s Nikon D5500 away. l’ve just finished astro modding the 60D (taken the IR filter out) and hopefully my camera settings are correct so now just waiting for clear sky’s. love to hear from you all and looking to make a few new friends in this ever expensive hobby.
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