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  1. It depends how much you're selling the scope for .if its the WO FLT it isn't rediculously high tbh.You could add the £96 to the reserve figure you have in mind, maybe?
  2. hmm 100kg grab'n'go it isn't He states the gear wheel is 14in diameter,yet it looks quite small in the pic, it must be a monster to see in the flesh
  3. I haven't been there at night yet,but did notice that there were a huge ammount of lamp posts in the carpark,amd a lot of new lights on the island and road. At least when it was a market it only caused a problem on mondays,and that was only the extra traffic,and the occasional whiff
  4. Got to say this thread is a bit of an eye opener to a country bumkin like myself,who's always taken for granted that i can just look up and see the stars. When light pollution has been talked about up 'til now I've thought more in terms of not being able to see stuff 'as well' ,rather than not at all.Should count my blessings
  5. Got 3 atm,poss too many,as i only started the hobby less than a year ago,but they all get used 10 inch f4.5 dob 120 f8 helios frac on eq3 127mak slt goto Happy with them for now - well with the 'scopes anyway,mounts not so much - I may well stick the mak on the eq3 and get an eq5 for the frac
  6. I was a member of OCUK a few years ago,and all the members on that vbulletin forum had their emails harvested by one of their own members,so its certainly possible
  7. OT,but the name ampleamp rings a bell,did you sell a Meade 125 a few months ago? If so,i was pipped to it,but pushed the price up a fair bit for you AFAIR
  8. hi petek, Excuse me butting in,but I only live a few miles from Oswestry too,nice to have some local members
  9. Recommended accessories :- baader sunfilter foil
  10. Hi skywatcher Explorer 200P EQ5 Telescope | eBay UK This scope isn't too far from Luton,if you are able to pick it up.£250 is cheap,and in the hopefully unlikely scenario that you find it's not really what you want,you should be able to resell it with no,or very little, loss in value edit - Of course usual buying over ebay caveats apply,give it a thorough check for any damage,esp the mirrors
  11. Yep, thats the one i was thinking about -i was just a bit out with the location
  12. That scope has been up for auction 2 or three times already (if i'm thinking of the same one -eastern part of the country? ) ,so wait a week and it'll prob be for auction again .Asking price has dropped from 500 to 300,may be even lower next time
  13. Welcome to the forum Skywatcher Look on the bright side,no one was knocking the quality of the scope,just the valuation.My comment about it falling over was because of the pic you gave with the tray too low,which would make it very unstable - the az mount isn't too solid at the best of times - i know,i have the same scope
  14. Norfolk Too far for me Why is anything i'd like always east coast,south coast or Scotland
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