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  1. Hello, I am using the Atik Titan and would like to acquire planetary and lunar movies for registax processing. What software do you guys use for acquiring movies? The Atik software supplied doesn't seem to be able to do this. Regards Flyer
  2. Hello, I am using a Celestron CGE mount and I am having some trouble using Pempro. I don't know whats going on.. Some points to note first: Ive upgraded to the latest firmware on the motor control board. I'm using Nexremote and I don't use the hand controller at all so there is not confliction. I've downloaded and installed the Ascom Celestron drivers to connect the telescope. Now, when I connect the mount I get a message that its going to move by two degrees to seek the worm index. Yeah right. It moves more than 90 degrees in DEC and two degrees or so in RA. I have to quickly turn the power off before it bashes into the pier.. What is going on?? Anyone have this experience before?! Karl
  3. Have you found the answer to this question? It's relatively simple. I can help if you want..
  4. I like to visualize the classical description of light as being none other than ripples in the electric and magnetic fields. Just like gravity waves ripple out in from a moving object in the spacetime fabric, so too light emanates out in the electric and magnetic fields of the cosmos.
  5. As what "Trigger" would say, from "Only Fools & Horses", yes you could convert it. But you would need a much bigger antenna and a complete set of new electronic components. There are many links that you can find on google to build a radio telescope. Check out Fringe Dwellers - Simple Radio Interferometry
  6. The work of the conservation of angular momentum, differential rotation.
  7. Gorgeous!! Wouldn't you just love to be in a little capsule floating through such nebula. What a view that would be!
  8. I envy you, living in Greece where the skies are clear for an endless number of consecutive nights. Truly breath taking images!
  9. The blooms really make this image stand out! I love it!
  10. 18 hrs exposure time!!!!??? You have some amount of patience! Now I know why!
  11. Your photographs are incredible!! Keep them coming!
  12. Wow!! This is fantastic! How many nights did this take up?!!
  13. Ireland seems to be getting wetter and wetter every year...
  14. Hello and welcome to the forum!
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