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  1. Thats a realy good first Jupiter, was that with the skywatcher Barlow if so even more impressive because they have a bad rep as a peice of junk usually I no mine is lol.
  2. wow first attempt thats very impressive
  3. I belive most of the people who use this forum have seen something they cannot explain with any degree of certainty Im even more certain the majority wouldnt tell a soul.....
  4. I realy like that image pardon the pun but it truly is Atmospheric..
  5. I have to agree with all the comments on the skywatcher barlow its a pretty bad bit of kit also the 10mm isnt realy up to much either.. I decided to buy a Baader Genuine ortho 7mm for my planetary viewing They are pricey but the differnce is crystal clear pardon the pun...also have the tal barlow in both 2 x 3 they really are nice quality considering there price.... ps the 130p is awsome...
  6. I had problems with capture with my spc 900 and sharpcap no idea why... installed craterlet and it works perfect...
  7. Getting back to your original question... Which is better the evostar or tal, for me has to be the tal everytime Ive never seen a bad word written about them..
  8. All that comes to mind is the word Stunning...
  9. I think your find the philips spc 900 is best suited for planets rather than deepsky imaging. though I Belive it can be modified even further for some deepsky work... Awsome cam for planets and moon though...
  10. Its exactly the same scope as the uk 130p but has the black diamond finish which I have to admit looks very fetching .. Skywatcher make great scopes also agree the 130p Is a fine upgrade from your current scope ..
  11. It seems morgans are limiting the cams to 3 per order... Im so glad I ordered mine when they first appeared.. honestly cant see them staying that cheap for much longer.. ps ... when you flash the webcams to the spc 900 firmware they are virtully the same as the neximage with out all the fancy packaging ..
  12. This is just slightly over your budget but for 270 the Skywatcher Skymax 127 SupaTrak is realy a great scope, its very light and also great for webcam imaging...
  13. I had decided on the skywatcher 127 mak as my next scope but after seeing those images the tal is now on the list I think they are some of the sharpest moon images ive ever seen on this forum ...
  14. Its hard to believe jsut how good those 127 maks are for imaging speacilay when you consider there price.. There definately on my must buy list for 2011 stunning images...
  15. Why the hell didnt they have a segment on buying a first scope they def missed a trick there, I suppose jonathon ross was in there to bring in a wider audience . Very suprised sir patrick wasnt involved in any way and why didnt they scheldule the show for some moon viewing that would of been a big viewer puller.....I still enyoyed it though it could of been so much better. well my thoughts anyway.
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