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  1. Excellent. Focus was spot on, very sharp.
  2. Sounds like a good session. I had a similar idea but less ambitious due to limited time. I pointed a WO Zenithstar 66SD refractor with 0.8x FR/Flattener to some star clusters with Mallincam Extreme attached at sense x128 and AGC 4. Not bad for just ~2 second exposures I thought and some colour as well. AZ-EQ6GT in AZ mode for v.quick setup as I only had an hour-ish. No wireless exposure controller or computer control used. Recorded on Orion Starshoot DVR, Prtscr into MS Paint for upload. Can't wait to try some long exposures on large nebulae as these stars are rather under sampled at this FoV (effective f/4.7, 310mm, W:1.3 deg, H: 55 arcmin). I agree about the AZ-EQ6GT; tis a fantastic mount. Mine is also home to a C8 XLT at times which is also great for portability for star parties. Andrew Dumbleton
  3. Great work Ken. I managed a quick lurk for M42; just stunning and perfect for the FoV you were at.
  4. Thank you for the welcome Carl and Karl, and a welcome from me to Ken as well.
  5. Cheers Davy. Not getting the practice in with it due to work commitments recently, but hoping I get to gain more experience next week at the Kelling Heath Star Party. Shielded in my pop-up tent of course ;-) Thanks for the great forum. Andrew Dumbleton
  6. Sounds interesting. I've been to the Astronomy Centre once, and donated some equipment to Peter & Co in the past. Great site, facilities and friendly folk too. Not sure of my calendar as I write, but I think the 9th Nov is free at the moment. Also seen your postings in the Mallincam group Karl (starp1l0t on Yahoo); nice to see more peeps getting into VA in the UK. RE: Mini projectors; I recently projected my Mallincam on the outside of one of the domes at COAA, the astronomy vacation place in the Algarve (I was the only Astroguest that night). Quite effective; see the following Flickr set: http://flic.kr/s/aHsjHJQb4n Regards, Andrew Dumbleton MCX Class 0 and Samsung SCB2000 VA cameras, C8, AZ-EQ6-GT
  7. Just a couple of site pics from me. The 'pop-up' astro-shelter. Luckily we had good weather for 'pop-up' and 'wrestle-down'. It was done in a few minutes. Kingfisher site view from Kingfisher 11 Andrew.
  8. Also now back home, just have to remember to unpack the pop-up Quechua Base 'astro-shelter' which performed flawlessly and was put up and taken down in just minutes (thank goodness), but was still a little damp on take down. I echo all the thanks to Daz and the other organisers. Astronomy - nil, SGL networking - nil (due to a warm & cosy shelter), but I got a good impression of an SGL star party, heard lots going on for those braving the cold evenings under the event tents. I will definitely be back, and for a longer stay than just one evening next time. Thanks again guys & gals (p.s. Hog Roast was scrummy too).
  9. Rain .. Rain stopped .. Hog Roast (nice) .. Rain .. Darkness .. Sleet .. Snow (big flakes) and Sleet ... Next event will be breakfast for me. Snow not settling yet, too soggy & squishy on the ground. Let's see how it looks tomorrow, perhaps a peek at our local star before packing away (one can hope). Got a good MiFi signal, Netflix plays on the iPad a treat
  10. Well, plonked the gear and shelter down on Kingfisher 11. Now having beef and ale pie in The Moon pub. Yum! Andrew
  11. Packing this evening and will arrive tomorrow 'for one night only' (as was always the plan unfortunately). Still, it will be my first SGL, so it will be nice to meet everyone who is there. I will have my new gear from FLO with me (AZ EQ6-GT and C8) plus my Mallincam Extreme so I may record some rain video from the shelter Also will have a Homestar planetarium projector with me, so at least you could see stars projected on the roof of the Tea tent!
  12. Did anyone onsite spot comet Panstarrs this evening?
  13. Just a thought this one; in case Saturday evening in particular would be overcast (I'm only stopping Saturday evening), I will bring my Homestar Planetarium projector with me. It might be fun to project up at the ceiling of one of the event tents perhaps? Of course it would be shut down at the first report of clearing skies (even sucker holes) as it has a brigt white LED as a light source. If you've never seen one, check here: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Planetarium-Homestar-Theatre-Sega-Toys/dp/B005R0FMHY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1362934735&sr=8-1 I thought it might provide some comfort for those with starry sky withdrawl (like me) and adults and kids alike can play 'spot the constellation'. Organisers; let me know if you might be interested in seeing it. I hope we will have the real thing instead of course. Regards, Andrew
  14. Good to hear Marki, thanks for the report. Just ordered mine from FLO and it will be my first EQ mount (I've used an Alt-Az LX200 fork mount and wedge for some years now). Andrew
  15. Yes indeed. The current (May) magazine and previous issues are available for download (free) at this URL: http://www.onlineastronomysociety.org/page9.html Enjoy.
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