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  1. Thank you! I will pass your kind comments on to my machinist. Points well taken! - Thanks for the feedback on the need for more visuals. These links do have visual aids; please do have a look at: 7 EASY STEPS FOR PERFECT COLLIMATION High accuracy collimation using CATSEYE collimation tools Photo Gallery by strongmanmike2002 at pbase.com http://www.catseyecollimation.com/pensack.pdf
  2. I was the one that shared these pics taken and posted by Euan: http://stargazerslounge.com/photography/119091-intruder.html I thought they were really cute in the context of giving a new twist to the concept of "CATSEYE Collimation".
  3. When used with a CATSEYE Cheshire tool, the diameter of the segment arcs match the ID of the Cheshire ring (See 1ST attachment on left). When used with the 2-pupil autocollimator, the inverted reflection mates with it's up-right twin like two puzzle pieces when axial parallelism is achieved (See 2nd attachment on right]. When the segments are aligned with the collimation screws, Primary adjustments quickly become intuitive based on the visual queues. .According to the "experts" that make fine Primary mirrors, because of the natural symmetry of the rotational process to create a parabolic shape, in lieu of no easy method of determining the optical center, the "mechanical" center (referenced off the circumference) is the "best" estimate for where the optical center is actually located. In 12 years in the collimation business, I've yet to hear a complaint of an accurately placed mechanically centered spot causing a scope performance issue.
  4. Thanks - Disclaimer has been added below the pdf links. Regards, Jim Fly CATSEYE Collimation
  5. The template graphic on the website is NOT to scale and is for illustrative purposes only. As such, it is not intended for downloading purposes. For best intuitive Primary adjustments when using a Cheshire or Barlowed laser, the segments of the HotSpot should be pointed to the collimation bolts - not the holding clips (unless they are in line with the collimation bolts). See and download the CATSEYE spotting procedure: http://www.catseyecollimation.com/Spotting_hotspot.pdf. Also see the HotSpot INFINITY XLK Collimation Procedure: http://www.catseyecollimation.com/XLK-HotSpot-R1.pdf Regards, Jim Fly CATSEYE Collimation
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