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  1. Actually no LP suppression, just Baader RGB filters and DynamicBackgroundExtraction tool in PixInsight on each channel... Well, it is not my first image at all, just first RGB experiment :-) Mainly because of light pollution I'm shooting narrow band only. I'm using Adaptive Optics for RC8, but BabyQ has backfocus long enough to use it as well. Unfortunately it doesn't have focuser good enough for the weight of AO as you can see in upper left corner
  2. IC1805 & IC1848 in HST, first light of ATIK 11000 over Borg77 at f/4.3. Unfortunately not enough data in OIII and SII, but scope+camera setup looks promising compared to TAK BabyQ.
  3. M31, Takahashi FSQ85 & SX AO & SX 694, 3 x 10 x 600s. Not perfect, but it was taken under light polluted suburban sky, I have no flats and it's my first RGB image
  4. Hi Ian, it is native F8, with FR I don't have enough backfocus for using both filter wheel and AO. It was never collimated (two years) so this doesn't seems to be an issue with this scope. Peter
  5. NGC 7635 Bubble Nebula narrow-band. 3x15x900s captured with GSO RC8", SX AO-LF and SX H694. I feel that it is not perfect, nevertheless it is my first HST image that looks a little bit like HST image
  6. And if you don't insist on GPL there are also drivers for ATIK CCDs and FilterWheels... http://www.cloudmakers.eu/indi
  7. Hi Paul, if you have any problem with our drivers please let us know. The weather is really terrible this winter here so we can fixing software instead of imaging :-) Peter
  8. First light with TAK FSQ-85 and SXVR-H694... Not as good as supposed, lower left corner is really bad, something is wrong :-(
  9. Thank you very much... It sounds good, AO itself is a little bit less than 2". What do you think about the focuser? Is it good enough to carry such load? Is it possible to replace with some motorized one?
  10. It seems like a nice piece of hardware :-) Does anybody know what is the backfocus of this scope? Is it enough for SX AO/OAG/FW/CCD (about 135 mm)? Thank you...
  11. ... and last mosaic for today - NGC 1499 California Nebula. SW 80 ED/ATIK 383L+/Baader Ha/EQ6-SS and 2x20x900s, processing in AA5/PI64... click here for much better quality here: http://gallery.cloud.../ngc1499_50.png
  12. ... and one more backyard mosaic - IC1848 SW 80 ED/ATIK 383L+/Baader Ha/EQ6-SS and 2x30x900s, processing in AA5/PI64... Look at image in 50% of full resolution here: http://gallery.cloud...48ic1848_50.png
  13. Another Halpha mosaic from my backyard... Top right quadrant is not good but it seems that I can't do it better :-( SW 80 ED/ATIK 383L+/Baader Ha/EQ6-SS and 4x20x900s, processing in AA5/PI64... Look at image in 50% of full resolution here: http://gallery.cloud...96ic1396_50.png
  14. Reprocessed one more time, now it is in much better quality...
  15. Still not perfect but another 2 tiles added to my North America/Pelican mosaic... SW 80 ED/ATIK 383L+/Baader Ha/EQ6-SS and 6x20x900s from my backyard.
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