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  1. Hi guys I have recently purchased a canon eos camera and was wondering what else apart from a t-ring I need to attach it. I already have bought a t-ring adapter. Thanks
  2. Yeah that's what I did and it only took a few minutes to calibrate thankyou
  3. I'd love a full range of televue eyepieces but way outta my price range. Thanks for the reference too mate
  4. What are the best type of Barlow lenses on the market?
  5. Hi guys wondering if you could tell me if universal time is GMT and how to set DST too??
  6. I agree the Pleiades are amazing to look at through a dob.
  7. Where do you live? I generally garden observe but my job takes me places that are very dark.
  8. I still remember my first time, with a crappy meade refractor. Now I can't wait to observe it with my new scope. It does blow you away to think it's another galaxy
  9. I wanna see the lights on the moon Paul lol. I used to love looking at the moon through my old dobsonian.
  10. Yeah the diagonal is a good idea I had a panaview 2" 38mm SWA and it was brilliant.
  11. It is a blooming big scope ha, I might look at an instrument case
  12. The scope isn't much bigger than yours but I have the dual forks and motors, yeah that a good idea or a flight case
  13. I know if I get a wedge the scope would be ok for DSO's but planetary could be good for now
  14. How would you make a case for the CPC800 xlt?
  15. Looked at the aspheric eyepiece joe and I soooooooo want one, just don't know what size to get
  16. Gonna try and get my post count up to go on the classifieds ha
  17. Hi guys can you help me with my choice of camera for the CPC800
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