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  1. I've been a skyliner 200p owner for nearly a week and i'm after advice about which eyepiece to purchase.

    At the moment i only have the standard skywatcher 10mm and 25mm ep's

    Currently i'm only looking at the moon, jupiter and saturn and general star hopping.

    I'm not really sure what i'm after but i've got an idea that a good 6mm is what i'm after.

    I'm in an excellent area which has very little light pollution.

    Please advise about ep's and maybe a barlow, budget is about £50 but could stretch a little bit.


  2. Thanks everyone for your comments, i've had two relatively clear nights and i'm impressed already.

    i'm not sure if its a new 10ish mm eyepiece i need or new focuser. i think i'll go for a new 10mm ep first as the standard ep are not really rated as a quality product. I think the focuser to down to operator error. Any suggestions for ep's?

    a dew shield is a job i can do anytime. Any suggestions how deep i should make it.( i think i,ve read somewhere 1.5 x apperture)?

    raci to follow on next payday.

  3. Another vote for a good finder, or two!

    I have a RACI (Right Angle Correct Image) and a Telrad on my 200P dob and they help very much in navigation / star hopping to whatever your target is!

    There's plenty of time later for upgrading other stuff and the best way to find out about various pieces of equipment is by looking thru this very forum and asking loads of questions!

    You'll find quite a few peeps on here with similar set ups to yours and asking their advice, especially about eyepieces, can be very helpful indeed! Mind you everyone is slightly different in their prefered equipment, but that just adds to the fun!


    Thanks for that.

    Thats some list of bit and bobs you've got. Yes i'm jealous

  4. I'm relatively new to all this so, be gentle.

    I've been trying to decide which scope to invest in. I had all but parted with the cash for a 200P on an eq5, then suddenly a 200p dob came up at the right price and in the right place.

    Can't wait to get out there and can you believe it, clear skies.

    What would you all advise as the little things that will improve my viewing (flock the tube, fan, new eyepeices)

    Is there anything else a can improve on?

    Am i correct in thinking that i could put this could be put on a eq5 at a later date?

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