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  1. is an astrountant a mixture between an astronaut and an accountant?
  2. Horse flys hurt, but i've been bitten by a "may bug" whilst star gazing with binos. those things are evil... proper evil. also been stung by a UK hornet while gazing. that wasn't pleasant. lol! just googled "may bug" to find it also known as a "Cockchafer"
  3. I've not managed anything since my first go. its so damn bright! going to try again once the new EP comes.
  4. well i'm new to the scene of astronomy but not new to the scene of online purchasing. lets review my last couple of purchases 1: Skywatcher 250px: Out of stock when ordering - found this out after ordering, scope was then delayed again. then delayed once more due to the weather. i then went to track the scope online only to find it had been sent to the wrong hub. called fedex and had found that FLO had given me the wrong tracking number. Scope finally arrived. 2: Skywatcher Colimator Arrived on time - fell to pieces in my hand after the third use. Flo bumped me up to the baader version for free - fantastic! however did not email or call to tell me that it was also out of stock. it took over a week to arrive. + and - points here. 3: William Optics SPL 6mm Ordered on the 3rd and i am still waiting for it. After three ignored emails i made a phone call and was told that it will take another 10 days (as of yesterday) to arrive. (they did give me a 5% discount code however when placing the order) + and - points again. Granted, stock levels were low on the items and that is just unlucky. but a bit more communication could not go a miss! Aftercare? nothing less than perfect! So to sum up it up from my experience. You will eventually get your items (you won't know when unless you chase them!) but be assured they will be more than happy to help you out if you have any problems with them.
  5. keen to see the respone from this thread. I myself am looking at wide field eye pieces at the moment. I'm looking at the Skywatcher AeroED 30mm. apparently it has great correction in fast scopes like your dob. its a little more expensive mind.
  6. i'm not well up on any of this to be honest. but at one point i heard of a theory called the "big crunch" where the universe would collapse back in on itself due to the gravity of the center core or ground zero was greater than its escape velocity, resulting in a new big bang. is this just nonsense? my point is, even if everything does eventually burn out, would the "big crunch" result in another big bang large enough to create a new universe? Sorry for what is most certainly a ridiculous question.
  7. Just saw saturn for the first time with my 10inch Dob. it was Friday night and the seeing was here and there. but every now and then it would just clear up and the image was perfectly crisp! tried a 6mm giving 200x and a 10mm. i saw the division every now and then but more impressive to me at least i could see cloud banding on the disk! it was really quite something! just need my new eye piece to arrive!
  8. That was me last night! saw it for the first time. perfectly crisp at around 11:30 onwards. i could see lapetus, titan, rhea and i think tethys. i could also see a cloud belt on the disk at 200x stunning... i didn't think anything could top Jupiter...
  9. Sounds like a good night was had by all. Mark, if you manage to sort another mini viewing session out again and wouldn't mind a couple of green horns attending, would it be possible to join you and your fellow observers for an outing? We're Wiltshire based, I myself am in Westbury and my friend Urchfont. If you want to keep it to a closed group i understand.
  10. SPL 6mm is on the way and i'll be adding either the 30mm or 35mm to my collection next month. Cheers everyone! and keep up the great work John.
  11. Cheers LMC. Im buying the SPL today. i do like the look of the Skywatcher Aeros. read a great review by John Huntley from here last night which was very informative. just need to decide on 30mm or 35mm.
  12. ok ignore the last question. but! i must ask 30 vs 35mm? would 35mm be too low a power being only 34x?
  13. I'm not that tolerant of the astigmatism to be honest... unless it is dramatically less than the view im getting in my current stock 25mm eye piece. it does rather annoy me i must say! 68 degrees vs 72? much difference? would the skywatcher Aero be less enjoyable? thank you russ!
  14. Ah Sorry to bump this... but would a 33mm Wide angle EP be low enough power to fit the pleiades in view? or go for a 40? I'll stick a sock in it after this one - promise!
  15. dang that is tempting! however i was looking for that magic 6mm giving me 200x.... argh! I think however i am going to settle for the 6mm william optics. im saving for a holiday at the moment too so i shouldn't really blow the holiday budget. i will be looking into those volcano top ortho's as they do look quite appealing i must say! i want to end up with a 6, 10, 17 and 33! so i might have to save for a nagler at one point. lookin at getting another william optics swan for the 33! cheers all. most helpful as usual!
  16. thank you for sharing this. truely facinating!
  17. Food for thought indeed! thank you muchly for the comments. the SPL is looking like a good move i think. and big thank you regarding the ortho info! Any reason why i should look toward the televue plossls over anything i've mentioned here? they seem to be in the same price bracket as the hyperions
  18. how much different would a 7 be compared to a 10? in magnification terms? Cheers for adding that one to the table John! wish i had pennies for a low power version lol.
  19. Thank you Stuart. Televues are a little out of the budget at the moment. >.< any pro's for the hyperion for high power? im guessing any of these eye pieces would be a jump up from the stock ones that came with the skywatcher dob.
  20. Well... I have had my scope for a few months now (250px) and have decided i want a new eye piece to offer a better quality higher magnified view for planitary work. especially with saturn looming! So the choices i have so far: William Optics SPL eyepiece - 6mm -£69.00 Baader Genuine Orthoscopic - 6mm - £73.50 Baader Hyperion 68 degree eyepiece - 5mm -£93.96 I've heard the TMB's are supposed to be good, but i like the service that i get from FLO and am quite keen to keep my business with them. However i could be pushed to a different website if the eye piece is more suitable i suppose. I like the look of the williams optics EP. plus the price is good. Would i get more out of a Baader hyperion? would the mag be too high with a 5mm? any help from the astro gods would be much appreciated.
  21. Still enjoying the editor on Crysis for the PC. damn i love that game....
  22. lol! well maybe i should get my eyes tested... been putting it off for some time now anyway . bring on pay day so i can get my next eye piece! Cheers all
  23. Thanks Chaps! i didnt make any contact with the pump. will try it again a few more times.
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