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  1. I found this last night with the help of "gliderpilot" from the forums at a star party. it was epic! good luck! it's worth it.
  2. LUIS! how do you do this?! it's crazy! I always look forward to these moon pics of yours. Nice job
  3. i wouldnt let the fact that they are fast put you off. Sure you have to buy expensive eye pieces to stop the edge of the FOV from distorting but collimating a reflector is quick and easy. grab a packet of bobs knobs and it's even quicker. i thought i would have a problem with my expectations to be honest. I had a look at an eye piece simulator online and it really put me off buying one, but they are awful! a really bad misrepresentation of what you actually see. everything I've seen so far has left me wanting to see more. good luck!
  4. lol Geo. building a new Sandy Bridge pc at the moment. i'm trying to stop myself from pre-ordering a vertex 3 SSD
  5. I'm sure it's a kick *** eye piece. each to their own. want to lend it to me for eternity to prove a point?
  6. i went for a 10 in the end instead of a 12. I find the 10 to be quite a pain when transporting it in my ford focus. especially if i want to take a passenger out. someone did a comparison for me on my first thread. the 12 is mahooosive! but i bet the views are certainly worth the extra aperture. over 50% more light gathering i think? i could just be blurting out incorrect facts mind... lol love my 10. i don't think i could easily/be arsed to transport anything larger without a buddy to help.
  7. that sounds a little odd to me, I'm no pro. just a beginner also.. but I've got the bigger version of yours and the stock eye pieces didn't require a steady eyeball at all. very odd! good luck
  8. lol umadog! i just popped a ring on my girl friends finger. trying to get as much kit as i can before we start saving towards the wedding. juggling this, PC gaming and drumming... i need a bigger pay cheque..
  9. lol! i'm all for appreciating better views. but 200 sheets + per eye piece is a little different. i'm sure i'll change my mind if/when i get my next work promotion lol
  10. interesting stuff! i was going to get an sw aero for my fast dob due to it being highly corrective. maybe i should look into these explore EP's too. Cheers
  11. Cheers for that one! looks like that has made the list!
  12. lol i know your pain... though i'm never going to get those telvue 300 quid eye pieces. you must have more money than sense to get 'em.
  13. that was my worry! a double layer of thick plastic cover should help though. i don't fully trust the end cap on my dob for some reason.
  14. if its moist or gets ice on it, i'll leave it at an angle pointed into the ground to let any water run away from the mirrors. then i store it upright cap on with a plastic cover over it to ensure no dust gets in. >.>
  15. i really want one of these. if it wasn't for my manual dob doooo it!
  16. a good solution to that would to just not use it at star parties people seem to have a lot of hate for lasers on this forum. i find them to be a useful tool, especially when in mini observing groups you can point in the direction of a target and others can just swing the scope into that position. cannot help you with mounting it on a scope. sorry
  17. Argh! seeing photos like this makes me sad that i've got a dob i'd love a spc900 to try it though. really nice pics! nice job.
  18. Lol - that's the same price-ish as a william optics SPL 6mm. I have heard the tmb's are great but that does sound pricey from what I've seen them go for here on sgl. Clear skys matey!
  19. Wow! what the heck did you do to bring that sort of detail out? what settings am i missing on CS5 lol!
  20. lol i just got a little excited! two of my favourite hobbies colided and it was all too much! look! i'm doing it again...... Anyway! clear skies out at the moment. i'm going to try and bag the moon tonight and play with registax. i doubt it'll compare to the shots we've seen above though!
  21. @Kh3ldar sorry! i'll shush!
  22. post deleted - getting back on track Great moon shots people!
  23. I will have to give it a try. but with a manual dob it's probably not going to work.
  24. Ah I know we're probably a common breed! but it's quite a shame that the guys I go and observe with aren't Floyd fans... I was out about an hour ago listening to shine on, echoes, high hopes and remember a day. I can't wait for some warmer summer nights so i can just lay down on a hilltop somewhere and listen for hours on end under the stars, can't beat it! Are you stacking images using a hand guided scope? or is your dob one of these fancy auto types?
  25. cracking photos both of you! hoping to get a couple tonight myself! The radio keeps playing moon related songs, plenty of floyd on tonight which is always a good thing!
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