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  1. lol yay! now i'm scared about getting my new/first scope! i knew that the DSO's werent going to be very impressive without a DSLR hooked up (Which isnt going to happen because im ordering a dob) i hope my 250px will be worth it i cannot wait to see Jupiter...
  2. Ooo Nice to see some members local to my area! I live in Westbury myself! was it a good turn out?
  3. the red light torch is a great idea! i cannot wait turns out one of my friends at work has been into this for the last 6 months! so it's even better. Thank you all again for helping a noob! i did a bit of hunting around the forum and found this guy. Matt's Astronomy Site <--- Awesome site! i hope my setup can be as decent as his one day. that 800 quid EQ6 looks mighty tasty. I've got upgradeitus and i haven't even had my scope delivered yet! Oh dear!
  4. Woahh.. thanks CGolder. that was very informative indeed. I'm sure i could cope with the extra weight to lug around. I'm sure the end result would be worth it. I've looked at the cheshire tool and i've started reading up on the process. I'm going to look into the red dot finders today and i'll be ordering "turn left at Orion". I'm pretty sure I'll go with the 250. Cheers for all your help. I'll report back once I get it. No doubt i'll be back seeking your expert advice once again.
  5. Thank you all for your help! this is truly a very welcoming forum! Yes! it would be fantastic if you could take some photo's side by side. I saw a man straddling his 200p on an unboxing video! it looked pretty damn big! cGolder, you said the 250 really shows it's worth on clear nights. as you own both, say hypothetically both your scopes broke and you were limited to buying only one. Which would it be? Thanks for the help all.
  6. Thank you all for your help. I've been looking on "flo" for all my potential gear. I saw a video un-boxing of the 200p and it does look pretty large! i'm assuming that the 250 would only differ in terms of diameter? a couple more questions - Sorry! Would I need any sort of barlow lenses from day one, or would i be good to go "out of the box" allowing me to save for a week or two before buying some more gadgets? Is it possible to add these GOTO kits to dobs? - this isn't a high priority as i am very much looking forward to finding these objects on my own. it seems like half the fun! Thank you all for your input! i truly cannot wait.
  7. Hello all, this is my first post! I would like to apologise if I have posted in the wrong section, as I generally do this in every forum the first time as I am completely useless. I am very new to the world of telescopes but I have been doing a bit of research. I'm looking to purchase a dob and the skywatcher series seems to be ticking all the boxes for me. However! I'm looking for something that I can grow into. I'm very keen on planetary observing but DSO's really appeal to me. I have my eye on the skywatcher dob 200p and the 250px. the 250 offers around 56% more light gathering then the 200. Would this be worth it? or would I be out of my depth with a 250? would the 250 require more work in regards to Collimation? Please keep in mind that I want to grow into this scope and that I do not want to upgrade any time soon after purchasing. I would appreciate any advice that you are willing to offer!
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