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  1. Old thread... I know. However I'm in desperate need of this mod. I've pretty much stopped using my skywatcher because I had how jerky it is on both alt and az. This looks like a great fix for alt! What do you think of these? http://www.bearings-direct.com/Miniature-Metric-Series/Standard-Edge/Stainless-Steel/W607-2Z-SKF-Deep-Groove-Miniature-Metric-Ball-Bearing/flypage.tpl.html they are slightly smaller in OD and ID, maybe it would help with assembly? or would you recommend I stick with 22mm?
  2. Not likely with the varnish coating that's on top.
  3. It's strange to think that my scope was signed by a commander of the ISS. Mind blown.
  4. Just wanted to share my scope with you guys and gals. Just met Chris and Evan Hadfield in Oxford today and he was kind enough to sign my scope. Wooooooop.
  5. oh... you guys don't make it easy do you... I would like a grab n'go but the thought of getting better views out of my dob would likely prevent me from using it.. However, what about eyepieces? Wouldn't the tal be less fussy and perhaps give the edge on planets where I don't need the aperture?
  6. The best views I have had so far was with my 6mm SPL and the dob.. of the planets that is. Will there be much of an improvement? I kinda think of my dob as an all rounder.
  7. The dob doesn't fit that well in my car. it fits, but it takes effort. would I get better views on planets vs the dob? I hear they fair better with cheaper eyepieces as they aren't as fast. How does the tal fair for basic imaging? better than my dob I would bet!
  8. Afternoon all... I'm a proud owner of a 10inch Skywatcher dob. Love the thing, I really do though I do find it hard to muster the will power to get it out sometimes when I'm all warm sitting on the sofa. Although I havent ever looked through one, the Tal100rs has some amazing reviews.. I saw some single frame moon photos posted on the forums a long while back through this scope and they blew my mind. I have been contemplating picking one up since then. Do you think it will be a worthy piece in my collection? or does the reflector do everything the tal can do and more? I'm not sure if the desire to own something new and shiny is controlling my judgement.
  9. I have the same scope with a 24mm Hyperion. It is a nice high contrast eyepiece but it is not well corrected. Our scope seems a little fast for it. I am going to be selling mine.
  10. Thank you Nightfisher, I really appreciate your tips and experience. Great stuff.
  11. Thank you Nightfisher for your help with this. I think i will stick with the kodak for now. on a slightly different topic, i noticed on your profile that you have a tal 100rs? I have been tossing and turning over getting that scope for over a year.. I saw that shot by luis using the sony a350? some were single shots?! not stacked and they looked tremendous. How do you like the tal?
  12. This was the result from my little kodak. would the pentax produce better results?
  13. Well i have an old Kodak - really low quality thought I will Google the Pentax! I was struggling with the hugeeee zooom on the sony. thanks for the tip.
  14. really nice shot. I tried the manual option. but its just black. no picture on the screen. i will probably have to have another tinker with it. cheers for your help.
  15. Hi all, Im using a bracket attached to my eyepiece to get some very basic shots. We got a new camera for our honeymoon and i thought i'd give it a whirl on the bracket. the problem being.. the camera seems to be far too intelligent for it's own good and takes lovely snaps of the secondary mirror! when i finally manage to get the moon in shot, you can see a dark muddy cloud in the center of the photo. any advice regarding settings for the camera? it's a sony hx20v. Any input would be very very welcome. on the few rare occasions that i managed to nab a photo you could easily see the difference in quality over my old one so i am very keen on getting this working. many thanks all. Ben
  16. Well go easy on me. Taken with a very cheap point and shoot camera. peeping it through the lens on my manual skywatcher 10inch dob. I have a much better point and shoot camera but it seems to be too intelligent for it's own good. it seems to just take photos of the secondary mirror! any ideas on that would be welcome. tweaked in photoshop for colour balance. anywhere. here we are!
  17. Ah yes... you're right. hee hee that's out of my budget then!
  18. Crikey those 20 inchers from sumerianoptics are cheap. Im guessing it goes back to what you were saying about mirror quality. They look fantastic though.
  19. Thanks all. I will definitely do my research into mirrors, and maybe try and contact that reviewer, as you said if he's being threatened with legal action he must doing something right. I would pick up some new ep's along with it, probably from the televue range. Might have to investigate an ep calculator. As for changing car, this could very well be on the cards but by the sounds of things even the regular dobs from David would fit. Brantuk, thanks for the link I will investigate that too. This is all very exciting!
  20. Thanks for that Steve, very informative. I like the look of the build quality and mirror quality with David's custom work. The reason the ultra compact seem desirable is that my car isn't that big. its a ford focus! the 10inch fits nicely (solid tube) but the way the ultra compact scopes disassemble looks very appealing. I would probably keep the 10 too.
  21. A killer visual scope is what I'm aiming for. What kind of sights should I expect? how much detail could be seen on DSO's? dust trails on and a spiral shape on the whirlpool for example? or is more aperture still required? My current eyepiece set would ae As for the other manufacturers, can you name any that you would recommend? I was looking at the US obsession, but delivery costs would nip that in the bud. Many thanks guys,
  22. Hello all, I haven't posted in a long while, so although i'm feeling a little guilty about asking for your opinions, I couldn't not seeing as this is going to be a rather serious potential purchase. so! i've had the 10inch skywatcher dobsonian for almost 3 years now i think. I love it! but... i'm getting a severe case of aperture fever... I have been looking lovingly at the david lukehurst dobsonians http://www.dobsonians.co.uk/telescopes.html in particular the 18inch ultra portable model. I'm just wondering if anyone has had any experience with David's custom scopes? how portable are they really? and more importantly how much of an improvement would it be over my 10inch? It might sound like a daft question but i know that a lot of you play with a range of wonderful scopes. the one I'm looking at is just a little bit less then 4K. Would my money be better invested elsewhere? I love the idea of imaging but seeing everything first hand still wins me over so the lack of GOTO or synscan isn't a deal breaker. your thoughts and opinions please!
  23. Too right! I've got the Afocal bug now Jupiter is a right pain with a manual scope!
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