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    I took this at my local society on 6th March. it 10 x 30 sec exposures stacked using DSS. Although I am pleased with the result I can't understand why DSS only stacked 10 frames there was 38 frames in total all of them looked fine. Can anybody offer me any advice?
  2. Hi, I took this image while I was on holiday in New Zealand. It was taken without a tripod, all I had available was a picnic table to balance my camera on. After every exposure I had to pick up the camera to see what I'd captured and then reposition the camera. The image shows the Southern Cross and Milky Way. Peter
  3. I'm not sure what happened to the picture, so here it is again. (click to enlarge)
  4. Hi, its been quite a long time since I last posted any pictures onto the forum, mainly because of the poor weather over Chesterfield. Still last night looked promising and I planned to get a picture of the face on spiral galaxy M74. While I was waiting for the galaxy to clear the roof tops I thought I'd try for a small planetary nebula NGC 7662 in the constellation of Andromeda. It was 10 x 30 sec exp and stacked with DSS and then processed using photoshop. Just after I finished the last exposure the clouds started to roll in and the session ended so again I missed out on the galaxy I wanted t
  5. Peter


    Yes it was a brilliant holiday. And yes the skies are that black you could see down to mag 6 quite easily.
  6. Hi, I've just got back from a weeks holiday on the Isles of Scilly. I was impressed by how dark the skies are there, much better than my normal view that I can see from my home in Chesterfield. I managed to get this picture of Earthshine on the Moon on Tuesday 8th April. Peter
  7. Sorry I meant to tell you when I posted the picture what camera and scope that I used. The camera used was a Canon EOS 20D and the scope was a 12" f6 reflector. Peter
  8. Hi, I thought that I'd show you my picture of M1 the Crab Nebula. Its the first time that I have managed to capture it on camera, the reason is I do find it a difficult object to see visually. It is 4 x 30 second exposures stacked using Deep Sky Stacker. Peter
  9. I'll have to show that image my brother, he's always saying that once you've seen something in space you've seen it, because it never changes. Mind you he its probably because he as got no interest in astronomy. Peter
  10. No I didn't use a LPR filter on the image. After I stacked wit DSS the images I just adjusted the RGB levels and the brightness. Peter
  11. Hi everybody and I hope that you've all had a fantastic New Year, This Image was taken on Saturday 29th Dec using a 12" F6 reflector. It is 18 x 15 second exposure and Stacked using Deep Sky Stacker. I hope you like It, and feel free to have a play with it, if you want to
  12. this was taken last night at my local Astronomical Society using their 18" reflector. Its a single 15 sec exposure with the camera set to 400 ASA. I think that a slight tail is showing going away to the left of the coma. Please tell me what you think. Peter
  13. Comet 17P/Holmes has brightened by a factor of a million since last Wednesday. It is now visible to the naked eye in the constellation of Perseus. I took this image Tonight (Sunday 28th Oct) using a 12" f6 reflector. It was a 10 sec exp taken at the focal plane of the telescope. The camera used was my Canon 20d. Peter
  14. Thanks for the advice, I've made a few adjustments to the brightness and contrast. Hope you like the improvements.
  15. Hi, this is my latest image of M27 The Dumbbell Nebula. I took it on Sat 15th sept 2007 using a 12" f6 reflector. the image is 7, 30sec exposures stacked using Deep Sky Stacker.
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