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  1. I've a Elliot terrestrial telescope and I've made a non-destructive change by using Beacon Hill to make a RAS - 1 1/4" adaptor which fits onto the draw tube of the 'scope. However the "right -way around adaptor" is fitted with RAS lenses and is quite dark - so I'm wondering what, if any, option I have to modify this part of the telescope. The images show the elements of the right-way around section - each barrel contains two lenses and the barrel furtherest away from the eyepiece has a stop. The other image shows the telescope changed to take a webcam or DSLR Any and all comments welcome regards
  2. Does not the centre of the 'wires' interfere with refractor collimation? I understood that the wires were for reflector scopes????
  3. So the cross-hair wires have to be removed from the barrel before the unit can be used to collimate a refractor. I'm surprised they are not attached to the locking ring. Can they come away easily [from the barrel] or are they destructively removed? regards
  4. On eBay I've seen several adverts for Cheshire collimators for Newtonian ''refractor' telescopes. I've contacted the various suppliers but got no answers to my query see below: By default Newtonians are not refractor BUT reflector telescopes. I have an old Broadhurst Clarkson 75mm 1200 [circa] fl refractor telescope and wonder if your item can be used to collimate its single lens. There are no mirrors on my telescope The items listed appear to have cross wires held in by a locking nut - see attached image - but I do not know whether this locking ring can be removed and the collimator used without the cross wires to collimate a refractor telescope! Any help/information welcome
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